Hair Transplant Gone Wrong

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When Hair Transplant Gone Wrong?

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant gone wrong in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant gone wrong please read the article.

Hair transplant is well-known for real and permanent result. Hair transplant is the only treatment that can restore your hair. It’s a surgical procedure that requires a certified surgeon to conduct it. Hair transplant gone wrong is actually very rare since the procedure is conducted through a rigid medical method. As long as you take the procedure in a reputable clinic, you won’t experience hair transplant gone wrong.

However, there are some factors which can potentially cause hair transplant gone wrong. Most of them are related to the lack of certification and competency. You might have found some footage showing what happens when hair transplant gone wrong.   It would be safer if you take the procedure in the US, UK, and Turkey which are the most prominent countries of hair transplant.

The common cases of hair transplant gone wrong are the formation of subdermal cysts caused by these following factors:

1. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong Due to Extracting Process

It’s possible that the extraction process isn’t well conducted. It includes how he select, harvest, and handle the hair follicles as well as divided them into the grafts.

2. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong Due to Tumescent Anaesthesia

Before the procedure, the surgeon will inject your scalp with local anesthesia. However, excessive Tumescent anesthesia will generate some problems. It may bubble the subdermal which may unlock the transplanted grafts and leave them dead there. It may create cysts or pimples instead of growing new hair.

3. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong Due to Blunt Punches

Micro punches are used by the surgeon to transplant the grafts. The surgeon or technician should ensure all the punches are sharp. This allows the surgeon to make a vertical cut with less force and reach a proper depth. In other hands, the blunt punches will make the surgeon using more power to cut the scalp which may cause dislocation of the grafts in the subdermal layer. This is one of the leading factors of hair transplant gone wrong. You know, before and after photos are very important. You can see detailed pre and post photos about hair transplant gone wrong by clicking on the pre and post button on the page.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

4. Hair Transplant Gone Wrong Due to Bad Scoring

The reticular dermis is the skin layer that surgeon shouldn’t score there. Reticular dermis is actually denser than the upper skin layers. That’s why the surgeon may face some resistance when the punches reach that point which means that the scoring should stop there. It’s important keeping the follicular grafts on the reticular dermis.

Avoid hair transplant gone wrong by taking procedure in a reliable clinic. Dr. Tayfun hair transplant clinic has brought 20 years of experience into a reliable hair transplant procedure. Leave your phone number or fill the form to get more information about DrT hair clinic.

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