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    How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last?

    A hair transplant surgery is one that supports in moving hair follicles from one place of the donors body to the scalp of the donor, so as to help in amazing hair growth. This is generally used to fix balding and hair loss problems including male pattern balding. This surgical hair transplant process does not work on the dermal or epidermis layer of the scalp. Hair transplant how long does it last procedures commonly depends on the kind of procedure that has been carried out.

    So let us know more about the procedure and hair transplant how long does it last:

    Pre Operative Assessment

    The surgeon will perform a full analysis of the scalp of the patient so as to know the cause of hair loss. This will also support the doctor in advising what type of procedure will be needed and whether or not the patient will need one or multiple sessions.

    Hair Transplant How Long Does It Last hair transplant how long does it last Hair Transplant How Long Does It Last hair transplant how long does it lastHarvesting Techniques

    With mild sedation, this easy outpatient technique make sure that the scalp is rightly cleaned before the implantation and extraction of hair follicles takes place. The angle of the hair growth is studied so that the transplant may occur at the same angle so as to make sure that the new hair also grows similarly make it look natural as easy.

    Follicular Unit Extraction

    When 1 or 4 hairs are extracted using local anaesthesia, the process of harvesting is called as FUE. This can take any number of hours depending on the number of grafts. These grafts are generally known as micrografts and are said to the rest of the patients lifetime.

    Strip Harvesting

    With this technique, the hair follicles from the donor place are removed and a strip of skin is harvested from the posterior scalp where there is best hair growth. In this technique the surgeon or doctor will generally make use of binocular Stereo microscopes to remove the high fatty and fibrous tissues. All the white, the doctor will make sure that no problem is accorded to the follicular cells during the grafting technique. Hair transplant how long does it last depend on the Trichophytic Closure.

    Genetic Hair Loss

    While the hair transplant technique may be permanent, one must bear in mind that the genetic hair loss of the patient is a permanent process as well. The hair transplant may make sure that the hair grows back, but it cannot stop ones hair loss due to genetic factors.

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