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Hair Transplant Istanbul is a Serious Business

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant Istanbul in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant Istanbul please read the article.The hair transplant istanbul has been boosting Turkey tourism products and services grossing for years. There are hundreds of hair clinics specializing in hair transplant alone, and the Istanbul is the core of the activities. Istanbul has been opening for most patients from all over the world.

Like any other tourist, you might want to use your medical visit opportunity with the tourism. Besides your Dry Hair Clinic, you might want to visit Blue Mosque and take a wonderful tour on the Bosphorus.

Hair Transplant and Tourism in Istanbul

Istanbul has been the center of the hair transplant in Turkey. It hosts around 300 hair clinics that specialize the hair transplant alone. That is amazing number compared to the powerful country like the US. This attracts patients from all over the world not only because of the services deliverance, but also affordable prices for moderate folks.

The Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, upholds the hair transplant istanbul procedure with the help of

experienced and renowned surgeons, advanced technology, and excellent services from the hair clinic staff. All of these perks are attainable with such budget-friendly price.

Many come to Turkey for the hair transplant and a taste of Istanbul tourism. As we know, Istanbul, especially Drt Hair Clinic has such wonderful reputation when it comes to hair transplants. If you are like many other people who have been struggling with the hair loss condition, you can start considering to go to Istanbul to undergo the effective operation.

In Taksim Square, the so-called as the tourist hubs, you will notice that many men strolling around with shaved heads and bandages, showing that they were undergoing a hair transplant procedure. This is a common sight in the Taksim Square so that locals have been joking around about the bandaged headed men could be the Istanbul’s new city symbol. Of course, this idea is not a connotative at all.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant Istanbul .

Prices can be vary depending on the amount of the hair transplanted and the procedure. Turkey has been known as one of the top countries in cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation. In most places, the patients are attaining excellent services at a less expensive price compared to what they need to pay in other countries.

The good thing about medical tourism in Turkey is that you can get all the things in one package. Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, offers the medical tourism package for foreign patients including the pickup and drop at the airport, accommodation, local guide, the places to stay, the surgery itself including the staff’s fees, as well as the tourism.For more information about hair transplant Istanbul , you can get detailed information from the contact page on our site.

How Does the Medical Tourism Work?

For those who haven’t known it yet, it is not exaggerating to read on all the agendas that you may have in your plan. You have known that the main objective to go to Drt Hair Clinic is to undergo the hair transplant Istanbul surgery. But when it comes to medical tourism, the tourism agenda is added during your visit.

So, you are going to make a contact with the Drt Hair Clinic online. You can get a free consultation to discuss your hair loss condition and possible treatments. The doctor will then assess whether you are the right candidate for the surgery or not.

Once you are confirmed, then you will make the appointment. When you arrive, you will be picked up from the airport by the chauffeur and driven to the designated hotel or resort. Depending on the itinerary, you might make few turns to trip into holiday days before the surgery.

The Drt Hair Clinic uses FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction that involved in the surgery. If you have read about the FUE, you’ll understand that it is the best technique so far for the hair transplant surgery. You will receive a local anesthetic. Indeed, you are awake when the transplantation happens. While the surgeon does the procedure for you, you could watch TV, snooze, or stare out at the cityscape. Well, that is actually your choice. Some patients are terrified with the idea of being operated, so they choose to snooze.

The process should take around four to eight hours to finish, depending on the amount of the hairs transplanted. By the end of the procedure, you will get out from the surgery room as soon as possible. Then, still awake, you will consult with your doctor. You will have a nice talk with him and the staffs. Then you will be resting a day after the surgery before flying home or strolling around again in the city. Normally, you can get back to work 3 days after the surgery. However, it takes around six to eight months for the patients to notice the significant growth of the new hair.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant Istanbul.

Why Hair Transplant Istanbul?

If your hair loss starts jeopardizing your life, then you will need to fix it with the permanent solution. Based on the trusted source, Turkey is the leading country in the world for hair transplant, with the Istanbul as the center of the activities. Reportedly, there are about six thousands patients flying to Turkey each month for hair transplant. We can break down the reasons briefly below.For more information about hair transplant Istanbul , you can get detailed information from the contact page on our site.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Quality and Expertise

FUE is the latest technique that works in the world. Drt Hair Clinic has mastered this for years. Not to mention that the professional practitioners have years of experience. So, you won’t need to worry anymore about the quality. Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu, the image of the hair clinic has been working in the field since 1996.


Without a doubt, the hair transplant istanbul is an economical way to fix the hair loss problem for all folks. In the US, hair transplant surgery can cost around $20,000. But the average cost in Drt Hair Clinic is somewhere between $2000 to $12000 depending on the cases.


With the packages offered by Drt Hair Clinic, you will have 2 night stay in 4 stars hotel including the breakfasts and standalone guide.

Chauffeured Transportation

The chauffeur will transport you from and to Istanbul airports as well as from the hotel to the clinic.


The after-service is amazing. After finishing the surgery, you will receive the aftercare such as medication, shampoo and lotions.

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