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Footballers Hair Transplant

Hair transplant Manchester undergone by famous footballers are still inspiring. Ashley Ward, Wayne Rooney, David Platt, Shane Warne are only several footballers that have undergone hair transplant Manchester. Ashley Ward has finally focused on his hair loss problems when it comes deteriorating his hairline. Celebrities now are not covering up their hair loss problems, they even embrace it, they are even so open on such topics. Furthermore, celebrities are openly promoting the development of hair transplant itself. Ashley Ward has been captured to undergo robotic hair transplants, which is the latest development of this type hair loss treatment.

He even shares the progress through rather gory pictures. It’s obvious that the hair follicles are harvested by robots, not by the surgeon, then they’re replanted to the balding area of his head. The open attitude on this matter may be due to the fact that hair loss is mostly inevitable and there is no instant solution. Hair transplant, however, is the best hair loss treatment so far as it proven to generate real results. The use of robots for harvesting and transplanting is only possible in Follicular Unit Extraction method or FUE.

In the FUE, the surgeon is possible to harvest selective grafts from the donor area, extract, them and replant them to the balding area. The procedure may take less a day to finish.If you’re going to undergo FUE hair transplant Manchester, then you should consider the procedure run with ARTAS system. The system works collaboratively with the robotic software to microscopically harvest the best hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them the recipient area.  Today, as you take FUE in a certified clinic you’ll be required to take a follow-up Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP which the frequency may vary. The PRP actually supports the recovery works as hair growth stimulation which actually can also be taken separately. You know, before and after photos are very important. You can see detailed pre and post photos about hair transplant Manchester by clicking on the pre and post button on the page.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Wayne Rooney and David Platt also openly share their FUE hair transplant Manchester conducted by ARTAS system. If you look at them now, you’ll know that the procedure performs real result bring back the sportsmen confidences back. Robbie Williams also joins the group as he has admitted underwent the same FUE hair transplant Manchester. As the FUE method become the trending hair loss treatment “endorsed” by various public figures, price becomes issues. The price rate of hair transplant Manchester may vary ranging from 4000 to 10000 pound per session. Several clinics may offer hourly price rate.

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