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Hair Transplant Method

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The Hair Transplant Method

The hair transplant method has been one of the most popular procedures to fix the male pattern baldness and hair loss. It has been evolving from year to year. The most recent technology has affected this procedure positively.

The modern hair transplant method has been proving the fantastic results so that more balding men and women who have hair loss cases to take this procedure as the way to fix their problem.

This surgical option is by far the most promising because it can provide a long-term solution while keeping the aesthetic appeal prime all the time.

The modern hair transplant method can achieve a more natural appearance result because the surgeons mimic the original hair pattern. The follicular unit transplantation or FUT accompany the hair transplant. Unlike the old-fashioned method, the modern approach is available in many clinics around the world. One of the best areas that serve the procedure is Istanbul, Turkey. Amongst the hundreds of clinics, Drt Hair Clinic comes as the best one. It carries the most prevalent hair transplant method with such affordable rates, which is the reason why foreigners often flock the hair clinic to undergo the hair transplant surgery.

The surgical option is not painful. Plus, it is not demanding at all. However, ones should have the excellent plan so that they will attain the maximum benefits of the procedure.

Now, if you are interested in hair transplant method, there must be few things to wonder. Before the procedure, you will discuss the matter with your doctor or surgeon and explore the alternatives before surgery. The pre-operative assessment and planning will take days or weeks before the surgery. At that point, you will need to change your habit to prepare your body for the hair transplant method. The doctor will suggest you stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, and other advice. You will also need to stop any medication that can affect the results of the surgery.

On the day of the event, the surgeon and his team will perform the procedure with your consent. It takes a few hours to finish the process. During the hair transplant method, you will be awake since the doctor only gives local anesthesia.

Usually, you will be released from the hospital or clinic a day after the surgery. But some patients who don’t show significant side effects can also be discharged the same day of the operation. It can take up to 3 weeks to heal. Your doctor will also check your condition on a routine basis.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

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