Hair Transplant Price 2018

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Hair Transplant Price 2018

Planning a hair transplant can be a challenging activity because the hair transplant price 2018 can be affecting your decision in picking your options. Your best bet when it comes to the details is by questioning and asking inquiries to the customer support of the providers that you are scouting. The hair transplant procedures from the trusted clinic like Drt Hair Clinic will be available in such moderate hair transplant price 2018 that you can afford. But still, the cost can be different from one individual to another.

The Hair Transplant Price 2018 Guideline

The procedural hair transplant price 2018 can be dynamic because of certain factors like the difficulty of the techniques, complexity of the case, individual hair’s characteristic, the severity of the baldness, the location, and so on. But more importantly, the hair transplant price 2018 can also because of the amount of hair to transplant to achieve the result that the patients want. This factor has been the real challenges for both parties because the clinic and you will need to find out the closest and best option to bring such desired result. The planning of the hair transplant procedure involves the review of the possibilities and the potential for further loss. The doctor will assess certain variables before giving you a recommendation.

For this reason, the hair transplant price 2018 can be different for one client to another. The best way to get the accurate estimation for yourself is by conducting one-to-one personal consultation with the doctor or specialist who assesses your case. Every head of hair is not the same. Not to mention that each instance of an individual is different from others. But with the help of the Drt Hair Clinic, you can rest assured that the hair transplant price 2018 will suit your budget.

The Drt Hair Clinic is one of the pioneers in Turkey to provide the FUE hair transplant. That fact alone also affects the hair transplant price in 2018. Here is the guideline of the costs.

Male Pattern Hair Loss 1

Sessions Grafts/Hairs Cost

1 500/1200 £3,000 – £5,000

1 1200/2880 £5,000 – £9,000

Male Pattern Hair Loss 2

Sessions Grafts/Hairs Cost

1 1200/3000 £5,000 – £9,000

2 3000/7000 £8,000 – £15,000

Keep in mind that the hair transplant price 2018 above is flexible depending on the assessment from your doctor. The actual cost of a hair transplant is a discretion of the clinic. But with the guideline above, you will know the estimation and how much money you could prepare before undergoing surgery. Hope this article helps you. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

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