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The Hair Transplant Price You Should Know

The hair transplant price has been one of the most common questions for those who want to choose hair transplant as the option to treat their hair loss. The cost of the surgery is an important aspect that you are going to search. Well, it is sensible because you can’t have a hair transplant if the price is not suitable for your budget.

When it comes to the hair transplant price, there are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of various hair transplant procedures. We will briefly explain you the most common factors which affect the price of the hair transplant surgery.

The Hair Transplant Price & Cost

One of the most pivotal aspects to determine the hair transplant price is the number of hair that will be transplanted by the surgeons. Most renowned clinics give the freedom to their clients to choose the procedure. The hair clinics will probably charge based on the graft or based on the session as a whole.

Keep in mind that the hair transplant procure can also comes in multiple sessions like small sessions, medium sessions, or large sessions. There are also clinics that charge by the hair number.

Let’s take a look at an example of cost per graft model. The number of grafts is ones that you should pay. That means one patient can pay different price compared to other patients. Paying per graft has been considered to be more friendly than the other pricing models.

For the “per session” charge, it is hard to locate the direct advantage of this pricing model. When a clinic charges by the session, this can be small, medium, or large. In this case, only the hair clinic sides know exactly about they are giving. Meanwhile, you won’t exactly know what you are getting at your part.

The third method that we’ve mentioned above is the cost measured by the cost per hair model. This charges the patient per hair. If the hair clinic offers the FUE technique, then there will be the separation of the follicular unities, or mini-micro grafts, based on the number of the hairs in each graft. The grafts will then be placed just as they would any other procedure. You will really know the hair transplant cost that you have to pay since you know exactly what you get from the procedure.

Usual Hair Transplant Cost & Price Around the World

Besides the surgery factors, the other factor that determines the hair transplant cost and price is the location. There are many hair transplant clinics worldwide that offer the same services for all patients. The increasing number of clinics have not been surprising anymore. It is important to know that not all countries can provide high-quality services. These countries include Thailand, India, Philippines, Hungary, Romania,  Mexico, and others.

Meanwhile, Turkey has been leading the world with annual grossing generated from the medical tourism, more especially from hair transplants procedures.  Turkey, more especially Istanbul, has been such popular destinations for folks who are pursuing the hair restoration solution with affordable price. The lower fees are ones of the perks that you can find in Turkey hair clinics. The normal packages for a hair transplant procedure cost around $2000 – $4,000, including the other amenities that the patients can get.

How to Find the Best Hair Clinic?

To decide which one is the best, it is actually up to you. But if you want to enjoy the good result with less expensive hair transplant cost, Drt Hair Clinic in Istanbul is definitely the best option.

When you firstly research about the potential hair clinics, you will surely see multiple clinics in your search engine results pages. this is the time to compare the hair transplant cost with the clinics that you’ve added to your list. Reach them out and discuss your financial situation. If you notice that a hair clinic does not give you the good tips, you need to proceed and find other ones.

You could also compare the hair transplant price offered in the Drt Hair Clinic with the other clinics in Turkey as well. Keep in mind that price does not always justify what you get. With such different prices from different hair clinic, you will want to check their packages in details.

How Getting Hair Transplants in Drt Hair Clinic Actually Works?

Like cosmetic businesses, the hair transplant price is a pivotal thing to consider. It is a very personal and private experience. For those who haven’t tried this one before, it is normal to feel insecure about the procedure that you are going to undergo. However, hair transplant is the best option for those who are talking about the hair transplant solution for real.

Actually, hair transplants are far more realistic than their reputation amongst the society. the procedure of the hair transplant has come to the extent that it is more advanced than other hair loss treatment.

Here are certain facts that are provided by Drt Hair Clinic:

  • The hair transplants in the Drt Hair Clinic can work for both men and women.
  • It is perfect solution for those who have given up the medications and other hair loss treatments
  • The hair transplant price is budget-friendly. You don’t need to pay for a fancy thing like you’ve found out in the US or EU.
  • The procedure is very quick. It only takes around four up to eight hours to finish the surgery. That will depend on the clients, though.
  • The hair transplants results from Drt Hair Clinic look completely natural, proven by the previous clients of this hair clinic.

You will start noticing the significant grow of new hair in around four to nine months after the surgery. Some folks even see the significant result in a year or more.

It is low risk procedure. Not like other surgery, you will be awake when the surgery happens. However, you could also choose to snooze so that when you wake up, you will see the new you successfully.

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Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

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