Hair Transplant Recovery Time

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The Hair Transplant Recovery Time

If you want to know the nature of hair transplant recovery time, then you have come to the right place. Consider reading the article until the finish to get a satisfying answer.

The FUE Hair Transplant has been the most recommended hair treatments because of long-term and natural results. Millions of patients have witnessed the excellent results from the hair transplant procedure.

The time of the procedure is also relatively short. Not to mention that the patients will be dispatched the same day or the next day after the surgery. Now, the next question that you may ask is about the hair transplant recovery time.

After finishing the procedure, the hair transplant recovery time will start, and the patients will notice some effects on their heads. These are usually swelling, redness, or itchy sensation. Don’t worry. It is a regular thing. It is not painful. If it is too annoying so that you can’t continue your activity, your doctor will prescribe the mild medicine for you.

Although it is not significant, it is essential to be aware of the possible complications such as bleeding, bacterial infections, inflammation, swelling of the scalp, bruises around the eyes, itching, and loss of transplanted hair. If you experience these complications, you could talk to your doctor. Often, these happen for a while and quickly go off.

The medications to help you shorten the hair transplant recovery time are antibiotics, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

Just like any other surgery, your scalp will be swollen. Therefore, it is imperative to manage a safe behavior to prevent any accident. If the swollen is affected, it can delay your hair transplant recovery time.

The good thing about hair transplant recovery time is that it tends to be shorter than other methods. You only need to get rest for 72 hours before continuing your routine activity. However, some patients may have slower hair transplant recovery time. Although you can keep your business, you should be careful about the way you treat your head. Any accidents can worsen the swells and delay your recovery time.

The first weeks, you may experience some complications. These complications will be gone in the second week, along with the pain, swelling, and redness. At worst, you will be free from complications and side effects in the third week after surgery.

Your first three months is noticeable. After three months, you will notice the growth of hair that is about 0.6 cm every month.

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