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What is The Best Hair Transplant San Diego

Hair loss is perhaps the worst scenario in men’s lives. President Trump even ever quoted “Never let yourself go bald” which also represent how he put a big concern of his hair loss. It’s also confirmed that the President take a medication with Finasteride. Along with the minoxidil, Finasteride has occupied the hair loss product market. However, these medications can only slow the balding to some extent but is certainly not a permanent solution or hair loss.

The Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is the second generation method of hair transplant san diego today. It’s been developed to provide a less invasive procedure and generate minor scarring like the former FUT or strip method does. The hair transplant san diego is the permanent solution to your hair loss, but you need to consult it first to get the possible restoration scenario.

FUE hair transplant san diego is performed by extracting individual follicles one by one. The hair follicles are then divided into grafts and transplanted to the balding area. There will be no linear scarring since the surgeon doesn’t take a strip of skin like in the FUT method. That’s why fue hair transplant san diego doesn’t involve any stitches, it leaves red dots instead.

The advantages of fue hair transplant san diego

1. The post-procedure provides a more comfortable and recovery period
2. The procedure generates no linear scarring, linear incisions
3. You’re allowed to have a shorter haircut without exposing any scars
4. fue hair transplant san diego can be the best solution for corrections and those who’re eligible to take the FUT procedure.

The disadvantages of fue hair transplant san diego

1.the FUE procedure takes more hours to complete (4-8 hours)
2. Fue hair transplant san diego is usually more expensive and FUT method
3.FUE isn’t suitable for those with very limited hair donor supply, it can degrade the donor area which might affect the appearance.

The Recovery

The doctors may prescribe you with painkillers for several days after the procedure. Fue hair transplant san diego allows you to relieve the pain quicker than the FUT does. However, you’ll need to regularly control your post-procedure condition as well as strictly follow what should and shouldn’t be done during the recovery period. The transplanted hair will fall out within two weeks. You’ll notice the hair start to grow within three months and significant hair growth is observable within six months. The full hair transplant san diego results can be observed in 10-12 years after the procedure.

No Shave Hair Transplant

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