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Hair Transplant Scabs

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What to Do with the Hair Transplant Scabs?

After the surgery, you will take your time for recovery so that you can continue your activity. You will notice the hair transplant scabs. It might be tempting to rub off the hair transplant scabs because you think that these are not appealing at all. But is it okay to do it?

What are the hair transplant scabs, anyway?

The scab is formed from the blood around the graft that dries after the surgery. The crust will be easier to remove after 10 to 20 days of the hair transplant surgery. You will notice the scabbing days after the surgery. The scab usually will fall off between 7-14 days. But it is not the exact time. It will depend on the number of the hair grafts, the density, and the size of the incision.

Presuming that you have undergone the successful hair transplant procedure, the post-operative phase can be a great deal for you because hair transplant scabs seem to bother you. Naturally, most of the scabs will come off weeks after the surgery. The scabs will come off along with the crust, and there is a possibility that the hair comes off with them. Your best bet is to consult this with your doctor. It can be relative on how to treat the hair transplant scabs after the surgery because each person has a different rate of recovery.

Removing the hair transplant scabs is okay as long as your doctor allows you to do that and you do it in proper ways to avoid any side effects.

You will need to moisturize the scabs first before removing it from your head. But it is normal for the hair follicle to fall out along with your hair transplant scabs.

The hair transplant scabs are not a big deal. You don’t have to do much about this because the scabs will naturally fall off without you trigger them. The good thing after the surgery is that your doctor may allow you to wash your hair with shampoo after 72 hours. Usually, you will have to use baby shampoo to prevent the stronger effects of disrupting your hair growth.

Some doctors may also suggest you massage your hair transplant scabs using your fingertips while showering. The gentle circular motions will help scabs falling off. It is a big NO to use your nails because it can hurt your head. If you are not sure, you can leave your hair transplant scabs and do nothing. These will fall off naturally.

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