Hair Transplant Scar

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Hair Transplant Scar

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant scar in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant scar please read the article. Hair transplantation is not a stagnant field. It has been evolving from year to year. Now it is more prevalent for the patients to undergo the hair transplant scar tissue. The scar resulting in hair loss was because of the trauma, burns, and surgery.

To get the hair transplant scar, the surgeons must prepare the unit of the follicular or the scalp strips. These units are harvested from other sources and granted for the scalp, eyebrow, lip, and eyelid.

The Hair Transplant Scar To Hide A Scar

As we know, hair transplant surgery has been the helpful procedure to lots of men and women who want to overcome their hair loss problem due to the age, illness or other health issues. It has been known that most the surgeries result in unattractive scarring that is difficult to conceal. Some folks are not really happy with the scar on their head.

But the good news is that it can be overcome by the hair restoration without the risk of the excessive scarring.

The most advanced method nowadays is known as Hair Transplant with FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. In many cases, the surgeons will use this technique to hide existing scar from previous hair restoration surgery.

The Hair Transplant Scar

Scars are indeed big issues for many people. They are made of tough and fibrous tissue which is strong. It is different from the conventional skin. Scar tissue does not come with follicles. For patients who have the scar tissue, they will not be able to hide the differences. Some prefer to let their hair grow longer to conceal the scars. However, these mostly don’t work. Not to mention that the scars can expand since the skin become laxer. There is no way to conceal them.

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Scar

A hair transplant with FUE technique is suggested to those who want to get the maximum result of hair restoration. It is the high-end technique which is directed to restoring lost hair while minimizing scarring to the most significant level.

The procedure involves the small grafts removal from the donor site. By using the small punch, the surgeons will remove them from the donor site. Since it uses the very tiny device, it will leave very tiny scars scattered throughout the site of the donor. The FUE grafts results ensure that the tiny scars are covert. Human eyes will barely see these.

If you have been consulting with your dermatologist, you may remember that it could be hard to conceal the scarring after the surgery. Well, if you still do hear this kind of statement from your doctor, you may need to ask him or her about the FUE technique.

FUE technique also offers the easiness to transplant hair into different types of scars. We mentioned before that the scars can be caused by the trauma, burns, and surgery. In most cases, hair transplant with FUE technique makes it easier to be done. However, you will need to conduct the evaluation to determine whether or not the technique is suitable for you. Mostly, it will depend on your hair and your scars.

Not to mention that the results of the scar revisions are relative, depending on the practitioners who conduct the transplant surgery.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

The Hair Transplant Scar of Burn

Applying hair transplant to sufferers with burn alopecia or hair loss can be a daunting procedure to both the surgeon and the patient. Since the areas of hair loss are different, sometimes you may need to undergo multiple stage process over several years.

There are certain factors which can conclude whether or not you are the candidate for the hair restoration. But it is not based on the hair loss and the donor hair amount.

Hair restoration for patients with burn injuries usually requires multiple stage process. In some cases, if you are lucky, you may do the requiring surgery over months. It is because the transplanted hairs results might not be able to offset the normal hair. Therefore, the repeat treatments need to be conducted to achieve the adequate status of healthy hair. This is done to give the look of hair as natural as possible.

Different areas of hair loss will probably need to be directed in partial or separate hair restoration procedures.

As mentioned there are several factors to determine whether or not you are the right candidate for the hair restoration. Before undergoing the procedure, you will be evaluated by your doctor while discussing different treatments options which do not involve surgery as well.  

The surgical options for hair transplant scar will depend on the location of the affected area and the size of the affected area.

Why Do You Need To Undergo Multiple Hair Transplant Scar of Burn?

In the first hair transplant procedure, there is a limit to attain hair density result. The surgeons will likely to conduct at least three procedures to make sure that the result reaches normal density. Your doctor will be totally open with you on this. Although you need to undergo certain procedures, you will see that gradually the burn scar and the other surgical scars will be covered well.

You have probably known that the full thickness grafts can be less effective. In many cases, hair growth is often not in the natural direction, making it less appealing. That’s why the hair transplant scar of burn is the first choice to consider to fix the hair on the face and head area. It is necessary to optimize the naturalness in every affected area.

Chances are you can’t find the best hair transplant surgeons who have the adequate skills, training, facilities, tools, and resources. Not to mention that these treatments are not available in the common health clinics and dermatologist clinics. Not all burns patients will be a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery. Some dermatologists do not suggest to do it because of certain factors.

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