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Conceal or Restore Your Hair Loss to Hair Transplant Seattle

The hair loss affects everyone, celebs or president with no exception. Some methods are used to conceal their hair loss. For example, president Trump using a flap of hair to conceal the bare section of his forehead. This concealing has been revealed due to windy works last February as Trump was ascending the steps of Air Force One. In other hands, referee Mark Clattenburg has chosen surgery to restore his hair loss, now he can style his hair and put gels on it.

Hair restoration or hair transplant seattle

Some people are okay with the wig or other contemporary solutions while the rests are considering to restore their hair. Is hair restoration possible? Short answer, yes it is. Hair restoration or hair transplant seattle is a surgical procedure where the surgeon moves the healthy follicles from the area which aren’t affected by balding to the balding area. The donor area seems to be resistant to DHT hormones which kill the hair follicles. Hair transplant seattle doesn’t aim to create new hair, those which will grow is your own hair. They won’t lose locks for the rest of your life.

Hair transplant seattle surgery

Medications also play an important role to slow down the hair loss and reverse the effects. THere are only two medications approved by FDA, Minoxidil, and Finasteride. However, medications aren’t able to restore your hair loss. Some doctors will prescribe them to settle down your progressive hair loss so you’re eligible to take the hair transplant seattle surgery. Hair transplant seattle can’t be taken as your balding is still progressive. Hair transplant aims to restore not stop the balding, you may not be eligible to take the procedure in your 20s.

Today, surgeons apply the Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) method where the hair follicles are individually removed from the donor area. FUE eliminate uncomfortable excesses generated by the strip method where the surgeon take a strip of skin and stitch. This allows you to have a less invasive procedure and a more comfortable recovery. The hair would start to regrow within three months and reach its peak after one year.

Taking the hair transplant seattle

So, if you can restore your hair, why you should conceal it? When the time comes os as your hair loss is no longer progressive, you should consider taking the hair transplant seattle. In fact, hair transplant seattle is the only permanent solution for hair loss by far. Don’t worry about the windy weather, style your hair as you want and go to that party with confidence.

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