Hair Transplant Success Rate

Hair Transplant Success Rate hair transplant success rate age is the factor of hair transplant success rate hair transplant success rate depends on the hair transplant clinic the success rate will depend on the expertise surgeon the success rate will also depend on the techniques involved in the surgery Hair Transplant Success Rate hair transplant success rate 1 1024x757

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Hair Transplant Success Rate

If you are asking about the hair transplant success rate, the answer can be relative. The success or failure of a hair transplant basically depends on the criteria for 2 parties: the candidate of the surgery, the expert surgeons, and their resources.

It is important to understand that the right candidate for hair transplant is one who has enough donor portion hair to ensure that the affected area can be overcome effectively. The second important thing to consider is that the hair transplant success rate will be improved when this matter is handled by the best hair transplant surgeon who offers the best natural outcomes.

Age is The Factor of Hair Transplant Success Rate

It is important to know when you are eligible for the hair transplantation surgery. Generally, the expertise surgeon will recommend people with the age of 25. If you are younger, the best hair transplant surgeon will not recommend hair transplant as the last option. There are basically two reasons for this. First, it is because that the baldness or hair loss is less significant. Second, the surgeon can’t use the current donor portion hair properly. People with the age above the 25 indeed have better donor portion hair. In most cases, this will maximize the permanent results of the hair transplant procedure. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant success rate.

Hair Transplant Success Rate Depends on the Hair Transplant Clinic

It goes without saying that the success rate of the hair transplant will depend on the hair transplant clinic and its team. You will need to be aware that wrongly choose the clinic to handle your matter can make you end up with worse options. If the local clinics can’t provide the adequate hair transplant for you, do not hesitate to look for anywhere else.

Fortunately, we can suggest that the Turkey has the adequate facility with reputable hair clinic like Drt Hair Transplant Clinic. The Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is the renowned transplant clinic in Turkey. It has proficient expertise and trained technicians with plenty resources to assure good hair transplant success rate. The Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is very dedicated to the hair transplant field. The world-class hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu is the genius behind the incredible team to do the hair transplant with utmost satisfying results.

The Success Rate Will Depend on the Expertise Surgeon

When you find a renowned clinic, it does not guarantee that you will meet the right surgeon to conduct the hair transplant procedure. The hair restoration procedure is done with the great aesthetic sense and precision. Not to mention that the surgical skills combined with years of experience are important to track records to prove the proficiency and credibility of the surgeon.

With such attainments, the perfectionist surgeons can ensure the most natural results in term of the hair direction and pattern. You won’t see this perfect results from inexperienced trainee or surgeons in town.

The hair transplant results by Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu of Drt Hair Transplant clinic is the best option if you are looking the most natural outcomes. Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu is one of the World’s top-most hair transplant expertise in Turkey, having hundreds of successful hair transplant procedure. If you are looking for the best hair transplant surgeon, he is definitely the right man for you. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant success rate.

The Success Rate Will Also Depend on the Techniques İnvolved in the Surgery

Studies have shown that 98% of the grafts placed will grow the normal hair. However, there is other point of view to consider. If it is judged by the appearance of the patient’s hair, this can be relative. In successful hair transplant, the patients can expect the fully grown hair in a year or more.

The success rate of the procedure will also be judged by how close the results to meet the patient’s expectations.

There are two options of techniques that can be opted in the surgery: FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant and FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT may or may not be suggested by the doctor. When the doctor and the patient agree on the technique involved, the success rate can be somewhere between 90 to 98 percent. The success rate is, of course, higher when handled by the experienced expertise. In this case, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu of Drt Hair Transplant Clinic. For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant success rate.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction is the procedure in which the donor site will contribute the removal of the follicular unit to be transplanted into the recipient area. As mentioned, patients who are 25 or above already have enough follicular units to undergo the procedure. Therefore, if you rely on Drt Hair Transplant Clinic for this, the successful rate will be 100%. It is arguably higher than FUT. That’s why FUE technique is often recommended for many hair loss or baldness treatments options.

The success rate of hair transplant in Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is superb, but the specific results can vary. It is important for you to understand that undergoing the hair transplant does not create new hair. The recipient site only receives the donor’s hair. The hair is simply located in the affected area.

The Aspects to Assure The Outcomes of the Hair Transplant

What is the assurance that you will get the great outcomes of the hair transplant? Here are some aspects to consider:

–          Age

–          Hair in the donor zone

–          The resources of the hair transplant clinic

–          Scarring from the past hair transplant (chances are you have done this in the other clinic)

–          Crown range

–          The results expectations

The aspects above can be questioned to your doctor. It’s important to know that after undergoing the procedure, your scalp can get very tender. You will need to take medications for several days to get over with the pain. After 2 or 3 weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out. You will notice the new hair growth within months.

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