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Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair Transplant Surgery

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant surgery in detail and in a comprehensive way. It is a fact that hair loss occurs in 6 out of 10 men and 1 out of 9 women in the world.  Lack of scalp hair can be a problem for you because it imposes the risk of skin cancer and actinic damage, However, the male and female pattern baldness are the unfortunate conditions which can be treated electively.

Balding has been the nightmare for many, and many sufferers want to find the best solution for these. First things first, if you are noticing the symptoms of the balding, you will be offered with the pharmaceutical medications from your doctor. If none of them work or you are just displeased with the result, then you can consider something else, something better.

It is common to have the hair transplant surgery these days. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedure underwent by many men in the modern day. Yet, many folks are not still convinced because they still believe that they are able to treat their hair loss without surgery.

These products can come in many forms like shampoos, foams, massagers, and many more. Many have proven to be effective, but most of them only provide temporary results. For the hair medications, the US only formally approves two options: Minoxidil, and Propecia. Both of them are approved by the FDA and come as different brands in the dispensaries in your locations.

The Hair transplantation

You may be interested in the hair transplantation instead. The most modern hair transplant surgery techniques can conduct the best results without detectable restoration spreads. The patients can enjoy the results without being afraid to show their hair to the world because there are no significant marks of the surgery after the procedure.

One of the most rapidly trending hair transplantation procedures happen to be hair transplant surgery in women. Initially, the surgical hair restoration was conducted for males pattern baldness problem. Women can also have the chance to undergo the newest procedure which is specifically designed for women.

The hair transplant surgery comes in different forms and degrees for both men and women. The most recent working method is the FUE or follicular unit extraction.  It is the harvesting method which comes with pros and cons. We are going to discuss it deeper below.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction has been growing in the popularity. But many are still considering the transaction, along with its cons. Follicular unit extraction is one of the most effective techniques involved in the hair transplant surgery which requires the donor hair for hair transplantation. Yes, just like you imagined. The part of the hair will be taken and transferred to the affected area.

This requires more skill from the physician and experienced practitioners. Not to mention that it is costlier than other medications. The FUE technique requires the high-end state of the arts in the surgery. You can’t find the hair transplant surgery in the general clinic in your country. You will need to do it in the hair clinic.

Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be more effective because the procedure has fewer side effects and easier post-treatment.

You need to understand the term Follicular Unit or FU which is the description of the normally grown hair on the scalp area. Each FU has a different makeup of cells, blood vessels, and nerves. The strip harvesting of the donor will be done systematically by the surgeon. This will target the strip of scalp tissue which has hundreds of the FUs. After they are fetched, they will be used in the transplantation.

The FU which is removed from the donor site should be healthy and intact. If by chance, the surgeon finds it not ready, he or she will not conduct the surgery for you. They won’t take the risk. Even if your donor site is ready, the other problem might emerge. You and your doctor should consider the transaction or the damage to the follicles during the extraction process.

It is very important to keep the hair follicle intact because it is necessary for hair growth. Although the procedure is simple to be done, only physicians who are allowed to do this. So, by any means or reasons, you cannot let the inexperienced practitioners handle it for you.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Drt Hair Clinic – The best hair transplant solution

Keep in mind that it will be your last harbor. As we know, the hair loss usually happens in men at the end of their 20s. The problem can also be seen in women. Both men and women are eligible to undergo the hair transplant surgery as the last option after non-surgery treatments are not working for them.

You can rest assured that the result of surgery will be satisfying if you let your case handled by the good hair clinic like Dry Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. The reason is sensible. The procedure will be handled by the credible team lead by Dr. Tayfun, a genius physician who has 20 years of experience. The Drt Hair Clinic itself has such renowned names, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of positive feedbacks from the satisfied customers. So, here we can save your time and effort in researching the best hair transplant clinic in the world.

The good thing about Dry hair Clinic is that you can undergo the procedure without feeling the pain at all. The painless procedure will be done by the experts. The FUE method is supervised by the authorities.

In the Drt Hair Clinic, before the operation, your hair will be checked by the doctors. If there is any problem, the doctor will decide the best way to manage your problem. Keep in mind that you can’t expect the amazing result in no time. The careful checks need to be done prior to the surgery. You are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol before the operation.

During the procedure, the FUE method will be conducted, as mentioned above. After the surgery, you will be briefed about the medication and what you need to do to maximize the result. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay anything for the surgery. All you paid upfront is all you need to pay. Not to mention that you can get free consultation 24/7 after the surgery. So, although you have come home to your town or country, you will still be in contact with your doctor.

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