Hair Transplant Timeline

Hair Transplant Timeline

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplant timeline in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplant timeline please read the article. The hair transplant isn’t an instant result procedure it could take up to two years for the optimal result. This is the hair transplant timeline after you took the procedure:

Week 1

The swelling will be experienced by the patients both on the donor and recipient area, during the first five days. You may find the transplanted area looks red due to the incision previously made for transplantation. This redness may gradually resolve within two weeks.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant timeline.

Week 2

The swelling and the redness should be faint or completely unnoticeable or healed. The crusts will be formed on the scalp as the excess of transplantation of follicular unit. You’re suggested to remove the crusts in a very gentle way by rubbing it with your fingers as you’re washing your head scalp. In the middle of the second week, the crusting should be completely gone. The transplanted hair follicles will look like a brand new haircut. You can remove the staples or sutures at this period.

Week 2-3

The transplanted hair harvested from the donor area might start to shed for the next 1-2 weeks until the shedding ended. The shedding is actually normal has a part of healing and recovery which is also an expected process. As the original hairs shed, the hair follicles will restart to grow brand new hairs to replace them. It’s actually a normal hair cycle.For further information, a sub-paragrap plains hair transplant timeline.

Month 1-2

After the shedding is stopped, the transplanted hair follicles will enter the resting phase. It would take some time until they back to active and grow new hairs. At the second month, you can start to see the whole picture, or simply enjoy the initial result. At this point, you’re able to groom your hair and enjoy social meetings confidently.

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Month 2-4

The new hair should start to grow in the transplanted which the speed and frequency may vary for each patient. You can see the growing new hair out from your scalp, which is a great experience. The donor area should be healed and the redness is starting to be unnoticeable.

Month 5-9

You will notice that the hair growth is considerable, even though the hairs are still thinner. The hairs would be long enough for grooming. The hair strands will be thicker and the textures change. The donor area should be totally healed. In the month 9, the original laxity of the donor area is recovered.

12 Months

You should experience major hair growth on your head scalp for up to 80 percent. There will be a curvature looks due to scarring on your scalp. You will gain the natural looks in two years as the hair growth is completely done over the next year which is also the end of hair transplant timelineFor more information about hair transplant timeline, you can get detailed information from the contact page on our site.