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The Hair Transplant Turkey Price is The Cheapest in The World

Millions of foreign visitors fly to Turkey each year while 1/5 of them are a medical tourist. In 2015, more than 100,000 hair transplant procedures performed summed for domestic and foreign patients. In fact, Turkey is one of the world’s biggest hair transplant industries which is worth more than 1 billion dollars. The main attraction is, of course, hair transplant turkey price which is the lowest in the world.

Istanbul, the country’s capital city is home to more than 350 hair transplant clinic. Patients form European and Middle East countries land in this city to get their hair restored.

A hair transplant procedure in the UK could cost you up to £ 15,000 while you might only pay 10% for a procedure in Turkey. People have found that taking their procedure in the UK or US can make them broke at sudden. Turkey appears as the solution for those who seek hair restoration at an affordable price. Even though you include the ticket flight and accommodation into the itinerary, it’s still very affordable.

There are factors why hair transplant turkey price is very low but it has nothing to do with the quality. In fact, former hair transplant patients have referred the quality as the second main reason to take the procedure in turkey after the price. Instead, these factors play a key role in forming hair transplant turkey price.

Low Living Cost

Turkey citizens are enjoying the low living cost. They include the surgeons, doctors, or physicians who perform the hair transplant procedure. The salary rate in Turkey is, of course, lower than the UK or US. The low living cost also leads to cheap accommodations and other facilities. In other hands, the market is also shaped with domestic patients. That’s why hair transplant turkey price could be affordable for most patients.

Competitive Market

Despite the low living cost, hair transplant is a giant industry in Turkey. Hundreds of hair clinics offer the procedure which leads to a competitive market which also means the competitive hair transplant turkey price for sure. This not only generates affordable hair transplant turkey price but also healthy competition among the clinics in delivering quality hair transplant procedure.

Government Support

As the leading industry of the country, the Turkey government put a specific concern on the hair transplant industry. It ensures the hair clinics delivering quality procedure as well as the price stability.

These explain why hair transplant turkey price could be affordable. Book your flight to Turkey now.

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