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The Hair Transplant Turkey Price is The Cheapest in The World

Millions of foreign visitors fly to Turkey each year while 1/5 of them are a medical tourist. In 2015, more than 100,000 hair transplant procedures performed summed for domestic and foreign patients. In fact, Turkey is one of the world’s biggest hair transplant industries which is worth more than 1 billion dollars. The main attraction is, of course, hair transplant turkey price which is the lowest in the world.

Istanbul, the country’s capital city is home to more than 350 hair transplant clinic. Patients form European and Middle East countries land in this city to get their hair restored.

A hair transplant procedure in the UK could cost you up to £ 15,000 while you might only pay 10% for a procedure in Turkey. People have found that taking their procedure in the UK or US can make them broke at sudden. Turkey appears as the solution for those who seek hair restoration at an affordable price. Even though you include the ticket flight and accommodation into the itinerary, it’s still very affordable.

There are factors why hair transplant turkey price is very low but it has nothing to do with the quality. In fact, former hair transplant patients have referred the quality as the second main reason to take the procedure in turkey after the price. Instead, these factors play a key role in forming hair transplant turkey price.

Low Living Cost

Turkey citizens are enjoying the low living cost. They include the surgeons, doctors, or physicians who perform the hair transplant procedure. The salary rate in Turkey is, of course, lower than the UK or US. The low living cost also leads to cheap accommodations and other facilities. In other hands, the market is also shaped with domestic patients. That’s why hair transplant turkey price could be affordable for most patients.

Competitive Market

Despite the low living cost, hair transplant is a giant industry in Turkey. Hundreds of hair clinics offer the procedure which leads to a competitive market which also means the competitive hair transplant turkey price for sure. This not only generates affordable hair transplant turkey price but also healthy competition among the clinics in delivering quality hair transplant procedure.

Government Support

As the leading industry of the country, the Turkey government put a specific concern on the hair transplant industry. It ensures the hair clinics delivering quality procedure as well as the price stability.

These explain why hair transplant turkey price could be affordable. Book your flight to Turkey now.

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Eight out of five hair loss men cite hairloss because their primary concern. If your hairloss is certainly starting to allow you to nervous, be confident. You yet again have the chance to enjoy a complete brain of long term hair, at a tremendously low price. Simply how much is a hair transplant, you could be asking. To find the best hair transplant with no substantial Hair Transplant Turkey Price, look for ways to the Hair transplants Istanbul typically offer.




Eight out of five hair loss men cite hairloss because their primary concern. If your hairloss is certainly starting to allow you to nervous, be confident. You yet again have the chance to enjoy a complete brain of long term hair, at a tremendously low price. Simply how much is a hair transplant, you could be asking. To find the best hair transplant with no substantial Hair Transplant Turkey Price, look for ways to the Hair transplants Istanbul typically offer.


In fact, Turkey certainly is the leading country in the world for head of hair transplants. Regarding to a paper on the Independent newspaper, Turkey contains a 1 Billion Bucks hair transplant sector and WashingtonPost claims around 5000 persons fly to Turkey monthly for hair transplant. For top hair transplant in Turkey, want to Drthair, this is why the results for yourself. Head of hair transplant price tag doesn’t have as being a problem, as, should you be thinking about the hair transplant Hair Transplant Turkey Price UK provides, rather than with the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey, look no further. Uncover what makes Turkey such a well known destination for hair transplant surgery and discover the full tresses you’ve been dreaming of.



FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplant strategy which was used in Turkey for some time. In fact, Turkish doctors started out exploring and educating on FUE well before their alternatives in the EUROPEAN UNİON and US. Thus giving all of them an edge of come across that you can’t get anywhere else in the universe. Each of our doctors, Dr . Tayfun Oğuzoglu had been studying hair transplant tips for over 20 years.


We are self-assured in the caliber of our merchandise because we certainly have the experience, know-how, verified ability, and team to back again up the boasts. With the doctors’ twenty years of knowledge and a great team of long-term professional nurses, you can depend on Drthair for a good hair transplant in Turkey.



Getting a skilled procesure in foreign countries might sound such as an overwhelming task yet for Drthair we manufactured this task as lean seeing that practical. The whole means of making your reservation for and obtaining the procedure is just 5 strategies. You can browse the details of these types of steps inside the sections underneath;



Unfortunately not many people are suited to hair transplant medical treatments. We must get 4-6 photographs of you thus each of our doctors may verify the suitability of the surgery treatment. You can send your photos using our free of charge appointment form.



Once the doctors have got assessed your suitability they may send you a study outlining all their suggestions for the best suited treatment and the expense of that treatment



Once you obtain the survey and you are content with it is articles, you are able to decide on a suitable working day in the procedure. Make sure you remember all of us normally totally booked when considering 4-6 weeks. We recommend our victims to book well beforehand especially if they can only travel on particular dates owed job /personal commitments.



You must arrive in Istanbul the day ahead of the surgery. Our driver will definitely pick out you up from the air-port and take you to your hotel. Your medical procedures will be conducted next day in a clinic with a fully qualified group of doctor and nurse practitioners. Our golf club is going to take you back to the hotel after the surgery.



The day following a surgery we all provides you to come back to each of our hospital to get a post surgical check along with your first aftercare session.


You are able to get away from a single day following the surgery, at just the earliest 1pm.


Our relationship would not end once you are rear at home country. We frequently check on you and may get your photos to share with our doctors.


You will be of plan much more than encourage to ask any kind of issues you could have; your fulfillment is of utmost importance to us.



In most cases the difference between a standard hair transplant and a superb one is hard to miss.


A professional doctor will make certain that grafts are distributed in a dense and organic and natural approach.


Our doctor has 20+ years of knowledge in hair transplant. Due to his experience and attention to aspect his benefits look generally normal. He by no means rushes the method and he typically aims for maximum solidity while keeping the organic glance.


If you will need more convincing of our doctor’s expertise you may proceed through our hair transplant comments or have a look at more before and after photos.



If you’ve been thinking of a hair transplant for a time, you’ve perhaps seen the volumes. In UK or in america, hair transplant surgery can Hair Transplant Turkey Price upwards of £15000. The Hair Transplant Turkey Price of the transplant will change based how much mane will likely be transplanted, and the common Hair Transplant Turkey Price intended for the method is£4000 to £15000. The standard hair transplant in Turkey, alternatively, Hair Transplant Turkey Prices an average of £1800 to £3400.




Only Doctor Tayfun or perhaps Dr . . and their aiding group of senior FUE pros would probably attend the medical procedures.



2 days be in a 5* or 4* resort including breakfasts.


Air-port transfers from also to Istanbul airlines and also travelling from the holiday resort to our medical center.



All of the post- procedure medication , shampoo and creams and gels.



A secondary PRP is included in every of our surgeries.



Like a lot of things in life, the price of the “same” support varies from clinic to a new. Here you want to describe how the price is placed and why variants occur among clinics

There are a variety of factors that have an impact on the Hair Transplant Turkey Price of treatment, these are generally:


The quantity of grafts

The medical staff undertaking the surgery

Where the surgery happen

How much patients a workforce sees a day

Medical alternatives utilised in the surgery


The number of grafts

Performing a hair transplant is definitely a manual and frustrating procedure. If a patient requires more grafts therefore the price tag on this surgery treatment will probably be higher as a result of time spent.


We realize where there are clinics offering “unlimited” grafts for the set Hair Transplant Turkey Price. We desire patients to avoid this kind of practice seeing that we have an issue on the quantity of grafts feasible dictated by the donor region.


The medical team undertaking the procedure


The well established and respected hair transplant clinics in Turkey generally operate with a health care professional who actually actively participates in the operation.


Concurrently you will discover numerous treatment centers where the complete surgery is performed by well-being specialists exactly who are by law NOT allowed to execute any medical procedure.


Clearly there exists a price difference between a clinic exactly who operates with a physician and senior nurse practitioners and one with health technicians.


İn which the surgery occurs

We and lots of reputable treatment centers operate in hospitals nevertheless there are numerous clinics found in Turkey offering the surgical treatment inshore converted into little surgical areas.


Renting an operative treatment room in a totally equipped hospital is certainly a considerably higher Hair Transplant Turkey Price when compared with a regular flat. Nevertheless , a person will love the important things about a disinfected, antiseptic, sterilized, spotlessly clean, hygienic, sanitary, totally handled and controlled environment whenever they choose a hospital working within a hospital.


The volume of surgeries on a daily basis


Many clinics that may manage to ask for low prices be based upon a very high number of daily sufferer turn-over. We certainly have been told often times of medical clubs completing 5-7 surgeries a time. You should understand that this sort of great volume level means almost no focus on the consumer individuals and in many instances not of very good post-op patient health care as a result of considerable numbers of enquries/ requests they will receive.


Skilled solutions present in the surgery

A hair foillicle is a pattern organ* and a hair transplant could be regarded as an “organ transplant”.


Enough time a scalp follicle gets to spend outside of the body influences the survival fees these hair roots. That is why we use exclusive solutions just like HypoThermosol and ATPv which are proved to increase the you surviving level of your hair follicles.


Towards the end of your entire day it doesn’t matter how many hair follicles will be implanted although the way in which many of those survive and grow…. Spending a lower Hair Transplant Turkey Price can be quite a wrong market when the operation breaks down and must be repeated.


Sad to say there is also a numbers game in the hair transplant industry. Almost all of the individuals who aren’t fully enlightened can be swayed by unreliable assurances of low-Hair Transplant Turkey Price hair transplants, then disappointment when the procedure breaks down.



Just like you find out there are plenty of hair transplant treatment centers in Turkey but there are just some who consider huge take great pride in their do the job and therefore are motivated to provide medical suppliers of the utmost quality with their individuals.


Many clinics will may perhaps suggest the surgeon is one of the finest inside the terrain nonetheless only few can lay claim to become always a person in the ISHRS and the ABHRS.


Dr . Tayfun Oguzoglu is performing wild hair transplants in Turkey since 1996.


He is a research committee part of the International Modern culture of Hair Revival Operation and an associate of the Eu Customs of Hair Clean up Medical procedures. Dr . Tayfun has now been authorized onto the American Table of Head of hair Restoration Medical operation which makes him one of many simply 4 doctors in the whole of Turkey to accomplish this.


Doctor Tayfun as well frequently participates intercontinental conferences equally as a presenter and as a guest, moreover to providing advanced training sessions in wild hair renewal to doctors all over the world.



Even though Turkey is going to be popular for hair transplant surgeons and operations, there are regrettably some companies that maintain beautiful websites even though doing work illegally out of apartment buildings.


Our service is status of the fine art and we perform in a JCI qualified, fully equipped medical center in Istanbul.



Holiday accommodation is given either in the Limak Eurasia İnn or by the Modus Resort. Both of our accommodations are located extremely close to the hospitals. Staying so near to the nursing homes gets the good thing about keeping you out of the crammed site visitors of Istanbul. Additionally , if sufferers need disaster products and services, that they are simply just short minutes away.


Limak Eurasia may be a fabolous 5 various stars motel that gives its guests Hair Transplant Turkey Price free wifi and 24 hour bedroom service, among extra conveniences. We have a restaurant, health club, massage and community centre on internet site.


Modus İnn offers the visitors each of the amenities you expect from a good 4 superstars hotel. It also benefits of being in a really trendy location of Istanbul.



Istanbul houses a successful and energetic culture. On your stay in Istanbul, you can get wonderful restaurant activities, a rocking night presence, art, background, and many more, all of the located rather near to the hotel. Traditional sites in the location to travel to will be the Küçüksu Palace as well as the Rumelian Adventure.


For several of the clients, going for scalp transplants found in Turkey is the first check out to the cultural center on the planet they have the likelihood to experience. Although all of us recognize that your method is certainly the main portion of your travelling, we also give you an array of packages that offers you more hours to find the remarkable nation and face Turkish customs

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Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

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