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The Hair Transplant Hairline

Amongst the tons of questions from the hair loss patients, one of the most common comes from the hair transplant participants. Many folks have been questioning about the effect of hair transplant on the new hairline.

You might expect the hair transplant hairline can do well for your forehead or any other affected area. When it comes to sort of question, the answer is YES, it is possible. The most advanced technology in the Drt Hair Transplant Clinic, for instance, can transplant hair follicles to reconstruct your hairline.

Hair Transplant Hairline Procedure

For a good result, the hair transplant hairline procedure should come with the advanced FUE technique using the uGraft. The surgeons will harvest the hair follicles right from the areas of the head. The good thing here is that when the surgeons need more additional donor supplies, the body hair follicles can be the perfect candidate as the donor site. The surgeons will then insert the grafts into the bald area.

If you are interested in conducting the hair transplant hairline for solving your hair problem, you will need to stick to the specialized hair clinic. Drt Hair Transplant Clinic has the best team who know how to replicate natural looking growth patterns. Now, it is essential to locate the right clinic to do the natural hair transplant hairline. The reason is obvious. No one wants to end up having such stiff-looking hair growth patterns. Drt Hair Transplant Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Tayfun has the highest standard to give the best possible results for the clients.

The Hair Transplant Hairline Design

The hairline design is pivotal goals for everyone because it will determine the quality of your growing hair later. Several procedures can create a natural hairline. And, Dry Hair Transplant Clinic has the right methods for you.

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations because of many reasons like cheap flight, affordable procedure, and so on. You are not going to break your bank account when visiting Turkey for the hair transplant hairline procedure. The good thing is that you can even begin your treatment overseas by consulting with the doctor via phone or video call.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Hair Growth 5 to 7 Months Later

The procedure is also safe and sound. It is not a painful process since the surgeons administer the local anesthesia. Not to mention that it can take only 3 to 8 hours to finish the procedure. Then you will be good to do your activities. The hospital will then discharge you 1 or 2 days after the surgery.

You will notice the significant hair growth 5 to 7 months later.

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