Hairline Transplant Cost

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Hairline Transplant Cost

In this page you will find detailed information about hairline transplant cost in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hairline transplant cost please read the article.

Today, the only permanent solution for receded hairline by far is through hair restoration surgery or hairline transplant. However, hairline transplant is considered to be a very costly treatment in most countries. There are actually several factors determining the hairline transplant including hair loss degree, graft amount, method, surgeon, and location.

1.Degree of Hair Loss

The hairline transplant cost is basically determined by the degree of your hair loss. The doctors would examine both the the recipient area and donor area. Norwood Scale might be used to determine the degree of hair loss. In other hands, the doctor will assess the availability of hair donor supply, those hairs which can be safely extracted for transplantation.

2.Amount of the Graft

Once the degree of hair loss and hair donor availability has been identified, the doctor will be able to determine hairline transplant cost based on possible hairline restoration strategies. For example, if there are too many hair grafts needed to transplant, you may split the procedure into two sessions. In fact, most hair transplant clinics charge you per grafts. So, the more grafts needed to transplant, the more you likely to pay for hairline transplant cost for sure.

3.Methods of The Procedure

The hair transplant cost also depends on which hairline surgery method you choose. There are two types of hair transplant procedure, Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) or strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) or extraction method. In the FUT, the surgeon will take a stip of skin from the donor area while the surgeon harvest the follicular units one by one in FUE procedure. The rest procedure is the same for FUT and FUE, the surgeon will replant the grafts into the balding area considering the natural pattern. FUE is usually more costly than FUT but it offers a less invasive procedure and a more comfortable recovery.

4.The Surgeon Availability

A standardized procedure should be performed by certified surgeon which increase hairline transplant cost significantly. However, some clinics may allow medical assistants to the whole procedure without the presence of the surgeon. It may give you cheaper hairline transplant cost but certainly be less safe and don’t expect optimum result.

5.Where you Take The Procedure

In the countries like UK and US, the hairline transplant cost can reach up to $30,000. However, Turkey which is one of the world’s largest hair transplant market, offers way cheaper hairline transplant cost and allows you to save up to 80%.

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