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Hairline Transplant

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What You Need to Know About Hairline Transplant

In this page you will find detailed information about hairline transplant in detail and in a comprehensive way. Hair transplant is the leading hair loss treatment today. These are what you need to know about hairline transplant:


Price of hair transplant is determined by three factors: location, the reputation of the clinic or doctor, and what extent you hair loss is. Europe, USA, and Asia are three major continents that offer hair transplant, each region applies different prices. The reputable and credible hair clinic may boost the price so hairline transplant can be more expensive. The last factor is the severity of your hair loss which represent how many grafts surgeon will need to transplant. The overall procedure may cost you around £5,000 – £12,000 or even more.

2. Doctors

You might be confused where to start or by whom you should undergo your hairline transplant. The key is not to be rushed, the hair transplant is a lifetime investment. You can start with IAHRS list to find suitable surgeons close to your location.

3. Painless

Even though you have seen gory hairline transplant procedure, it’s actually painless. The surgery may generate discomfort instead of painful experience. After the procedure, you’ll prescribe pain reliever so you can manage first few days of recovery without experiencing any accountable pain.

4. Scarring

In Follicular Hair Extraction(FUE), the surgeon use micro punches to create incisions in balding which generates only minor scarring which may less invisible after the procedure. The scarring also occurs in the donor area but it will be covered soon by new hair growth. In a year, the scarring will be completely invisible. You can consider the results on patients before deciding a certain surgeon.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

5. Results

The hairline transplant doesn’t generate instant results. You can start witnessing hair growth in 3-4 months after the surgery following the natural cycle of hair growth. You’ll witness the final result in 8-12 months.

6. Invisibility

In the recovery period, especially in the first three weeks, the redness is obviously visible in the transplantation area. It’s due to the fact that, hair transplant especially in the FUT, will require your shave.

7. Permanency

The hairline transplant works by harvesting the healthy follicles from the donor area where they perform high resistant to baldness for the rest of your life. The same follicles are transplanted to the balding area. The hair may continue to grow in the transplanted area but you may experience hair loss other areas. In such case, you’ll need t take another session of hairline transplant in the future.

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