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  • by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu
  • 21 April 2018
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How Hair Transplant is Done Video?

Bosley hair transplant has been around for more than 40 years which is popular with the experience and natural result of hair growth. In that period, Bosley has been performing tons of hair transplant procedure more than any clinics in this world. The Bosley hair transplant also pioneers many development and advancement in the hair transplant procedure. Bosely has gained the popularity due to its reputation. However, how is Bosley hair transplant work?

In the beginning, the Bosley hair transplant is similar to the generic ones but the transplanting step is the determining factor. The surgeon in Bosley hair transplant harvests the hair follicles from the very back and sides of your head. The surgeon then artfully transplant them to the balding area using the Bosley follicular unit technologies. With the experience and technology, Bosley hair transplant provides a very natural look. The advantage of Bosley procedure is also on harvesting where they selectively harvest the hair follicles from the thicker crowd of your head. The best donor is your own hair and Bosley can select the best from them.

How is Bosley Hair Transplant Work?

The Bosely hair transplant performs specific technical method to bring artistry skill in selecting and transplanting hair grafts. The surgeon puts big concern in the natural variations and combinations of color and texture of your hair along with the natural directions, angles, shape, and size of the transplanted hair grafts. The serious consideration and applications of those aspects make the Bosley hair transplant eligible to generate a very natural appearance of hair growth. This feature may absent in many other clinics.

Bosley has accommodated the quality of the procedure in an experienced and skilled. The unnatural look is actually generated by bad hair transplant procedure. While each natural hair follicular unit grows 1-4 hairs, the Bosley procedure duplicates this natural mechanism by delicately, randomly and closely panting the grafts like the natural ones. The Bosley utilize it micro technologies where allow you to hardly notice the difference between the transplanted area and the surrounding area. It allows you to gain a very close result with your young age hair appearance.   

Bosley Hair Transplant Cost

how is Bosley hair transplant work? The Bosley hair transplant has combined the experience with the technologies. The procedure may be a little bit costly compared the others as it may cost you from US$4,000 to US$12,000. Most of the patients will two sessions of Bosley hair transplant to reach their desired result. The Bosley hair transplant will result in permanent hair growth in the transplanted area. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page. 

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu


Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is pioneer MD for Hair transplant procedures in Turkey. He is the one of the first doctor who established his own clinic and applied FUT Technique in 1996-1997. After a year in 1998, he practiced in and became a member of International Society5 of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

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