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    How Much Hair Transplant Cost in The UK

    A hair transplant average of 3,000 grafts starts at around 10-12 thousand pounds, varying between clinics. In the UK, the hair graft calculation is usually made according to hair and 1000 hair cost between 4000-5000 pounds. We assume this hair graft calculation according to grafts, that is, when 1 graft = 2.1 hair is taken as average, 3000 grafts hair correspond about 6500 hair. 6000 hair cost and correspond 20-24 thousand pounds in the UK.

    Like in any locations, how much hair transplant cost in the uk depends on several factors. First, it’s about how severe or complex your hair loss is and your hair characteristic. Second, it’s obviously related the number of hair grafts needed for your hair transplant procedure. The calculation will also include the further loss and the availability hair grafts can be harvested from the donor area.

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    Hair Transplant UK Price

    Even though it may vary for different clinics, you can calculate estimated hair transplant cost. You can use the Norwood scale to determine how many grafts you will need for your hair transplant in the UK. The hair transplant averagely costs you £2.50 per hair graft harvested and transplanted. If you’re suffering from initial hair loss, like Norwood’s hair loss 1, the procedure will cost you £3,000 – £9000. If you’re at a severe hair loss, like Norwood’s hair loss 2, the hair transplant will cost you £5000 – £15,000. In fact, you the procedure may require more than 5000 grafts to transplant which may cost you up to £24,000.

    Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

    Those are the estimated price for Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) hair transplant. The Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT) may cost you lower. However, if you prefer to take the FUE procedure but don’t want to shave your hair, then you should consider taking unshaven FUE or U-FUE which cost you more and take more time in the procedure. However, most people are okay with generic FUE as the result is satisfying while they can still save the money. The intensive procedure which involves a lot more hair grafts to extract and transplants may be split into two separate sessions.

    The price differences in each clinic may reflect the quality, experience, yet the reputation. It’s deeply related to the professional surgeons and methods they use. The stripped method or FUT may cost you less than £3,000. However, FUE provides you a better result, faster recovery, and less pain. FUE can only be conducted b experienced ISHRS or ABHRS. The success of method significantly depends on how the surgeon extracting, handling, storing, and transplanting the hair grafts. Only skilled and experienced surgeon can perfectly handle the grafts and keep them alive and healthy until they’re transplanted.

    how much hair transplant cost in the uk is indeed more expensive compared to buying hair loss products in the market. However, as it’s the only permanent solution for your hair loss, the hair transplant is a lifetime investment. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.