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    How Successful is Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Hair transplant surgery is considered to be the advanced procedure to promote permanent hair growth in the balding area. However, the hair transplant procedure is determined by several factors including the surgeon who conducts it. In other hands, you have to be eligible for taking the hair transplant surgery and have sufficient hair donor supply to cover up the balding area on your head. These three factors majorly determine how successful is hair transplant surgery for you.

    Hair Transplant Surgery

    You’re eligible for hair transplant procedure as you’re above 25 years old and experience less progressive hair loss any further. The Norwood classification is usually used as the general guideline to determine your hair loss progress and how successful is hair transplant surgery for you. However, the reputable surgeon won’t recommend the hair transplant procedure as you’re in the earlier stage of hair loss. The hair transplant is actually not suitable for ongoing baldness. The surgeon may face difficulties in determining the graft supply from the donor area. As you forcibly take the procedure, you may find the transplanted area is surrounded by further balding which destroy the appearance.

    how successful is hair transplant surgery is mainly determined by the surgeon team and the supporting facilities in the clinics you take the procedures. A well-trained, expert and trained surgeon and technicians will play a key role in assuring the success of the procedure. You need to take some time in researching the qualified clinics and surgeon. Make sure that the surgeon is licensed and possess a long positive track record. The best surgeons are those who are certified and listed by ISHRS which contain a full list of a credible and reputable surgeon of hair transplant surgery. Such surgeons usually work in the credible hair clinics, you can start from there.

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    Hair Transplant Surgery Success Rate

    the success of hair transplant surgery is majorly indicated by normal hair growth in the transplanted area and natural look. the licensed surgeon can perform ultimate transplantation where the hair grafts are placed in a certain pattern to support the natural appearance. In addition, only the licensed surgeon can manage a proper medical procedure and decrease the risk of infection and complication during the procedure. A reputable surgeon will perform precision and accurate diagnosis to ensure the eligibility of the candidate. A proper hair transplant will provide you thick hair growth and natural appearance.

    Next, you need to follow the instruction provided by the surgeon about what should and shouldn’t be done during the recovery period. How you treat the transplanted are may determine how successful is hair transplant surgery and how the hair growth is for the next 12 months. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.