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    How to Cover Hair Transplant Scar?

    We remove some of the scar tissue and replace it with healthy hair grafts, which can close many old FUT scars. All scars on scalp can be covered with FUE, but before the surgery your doctor’s examination is essential.

    Hair transplant is majorly conducted with FUT and FUE methods. FUE has gained more popularity during these last five years due to a less invasive procedure and better results. In other hands, FUT which is the older method works by taking a long strip of skin contains follicular units from the donor area. The wound is open and needs to be stitched or stapled which generate a linear scarring in the back or side of your head. This linear scarring may be visible as you have a short haircut and create some aesthetic problems. So, how to cover hair transplant scar ?

    Hair Transplant Best Methods

    The linear scarring area can’t grow any hair because it doesn’t contain any hair follicles. It’s also possible that the scars get wider due to the laxity in the future. At this point, the scarring is actually not only the excess of the previous procedure but also a greater threat for an aesthetic look any time in the future.

    Many people ask how to cover hair transplant scar which distorts their appearance. The linear scarring is difficult to hide. The linear scarring once remained unresolved where the people had to choose a longer haircut to cover up. However, it’s going to be resolved today, as FUE hair transplant can be taken to restore the hair growth into the scarring area generated from previous FUT hair transplant.

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    Hair Transplant FUE Methods

    FUE is basically is a less invasive method where the surgeon individually takes hair follicles one by one from the donor area using micro punches. The procedure involves no stitching as the red dots are left open for healing and less noticeable. This feature also allows the patient to have a shorter recovery time. Today, the FUE can be taken to fix the linear scarring from the former procedure. However, the procedure can only be taken through an in-depth examination of your scarring and hair condition. The skills and experiences of the surgeon are the key factors where the procedure can effectively result in hair growth. Some clinics may offer the specific procedure for covering up the linear scarring.

    In DrT Hair transplant clinics, we remove the scarring tissue and replace them with healthy hair grafts. Our surgeon will perform FUE procedure to cover the scarring generated by previous FUT hair transplant procedure. DrT’s surgeon will examine the scarring to ensure you’re eligible to take the procedure, they know how to cover hair transplant scar for real. Call us today, share your scarring problems and learn more about the details. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.