Hair Transplant Turkey
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  • by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu
  • 29 March 2017
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The most important and number one destination of hair transplant Turkey which is the most important male aesthetic of recent years is now undoubtedly Turkey.

Hair Transplant Turkey

Having hair transplant Turkey is almost an indispensable fashion in most of the countries of the Middle East. Besides this, many Europeans also participate in this trend. In the past year, the number of people coming from the USA, Australia and Canada has also increased.

Hair Transplant Turkey : Is Hair Transplantation the right choice in Turkey? Otherwise only cheap but poor quality results are waiting for you. Before responding to this question, in which countries in the world how this work is done and how the standard is, we need to be able to examine it because there are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey under the name of hair clinic and unfortunately they are making very cheap hair follicles if they do not have authorizations or licenses.

First of all, as in the whole world, hair transplantation is a medical operation with its boundaries defined by laws, and it should be done by the doctor himself as it is in every operation,

Hair transplantation stages are briefly in the whole world and in Turkey as well;

1 – Extraction of hair grafts: Approximately 2-3 hours and must be done by the doctor,

2- Opening the special channels for the recipient area where hair will be added,

3- Hair grafts implantation on recipient area

The first two stages are carried out by experienced doctor in this field, both in the whole world and in Turkey. Legal and ethical requirements are also required. The third stage is done by a doctor or educated nurses depending on the technique used by the doctor.

In the above information, we can divide hair transplant clinics in Turkey into 3 different categories;

1- The first stage and the second stage which are made by the experienced doctor in the legal hospital or clinic. These clinics was developed FUE hair transplantation last 7-10 years in Turkey and thi clinic’s appointment calendars are fully booked until 2-3 months which they have very good results

2- This clinics are usually advertised under the name of a doctor or hospital, the prices are remarkably cheap, and the role of the doctor in hair transplantation is limited to drawing only the hair line, except that it has no role in any part of the procedure.

You will meet technician that name of “hair specialist” or “FUE specialist” or “Tricologist”, some they will Show you fake medical licence .

I would like to emphasize that no country in the world is given any expertise for hair transplant or FUE operation and it is also not legal to use these titles .

3- The last group centers are not affiliated to hospitals or a center but they are very well furnished and luxurious and nice offices also market hair transplantation in Turkey, they spend a lot of money on e-marketing and try to convince you with beautiful hotel pictures with cheap and attractive prices. They do not care about your result and health,they will be promise to you implant hair in a very high number or unlimited hair in one day.

Turkey are paying attention with its cheap price, hairplants are being tricked by beautiful web sites, but unfortunately the results are not as desired.

Hair Transplant TurkeyHair Transplant Turkey : I would like to mention once again that Turkey is the best destination to choose about hair transplantation and it also takes patients from many countries in the field of health tourism.When you give your decision in Turkey, you should investigate the doctor who performs the operation in these clinics more than the clinics that do hair transplantation in Turkey, You must absolutely ask,

Hair Transplant Turkey : In your own country, the standard of hair transplantation should be the same in the doctors and clinics you choose in Turkey. This is also the standard and the list of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey Int. The Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is available at

If you choose the right doctor and clinic in Turkey, hair transplantation will be a cheap and excellent procedure. It will be a great advantage for you to see all the historical and natural beauties of Turkey.

Turkey has a biggest historical treasure and culture, do not miss to see these beauties while your hair is coming back…

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu


Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is pioneer MD for Hair transplant procedures in Turkey. He is the one of the first doctor who established his own clinic and applied FUT Technique in 1996-1997. After a year in 1998, he practiced in and became a member of International Society5 of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

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