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Latest Hair Transplant Technology

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Latest Hair Transplant Technology and Why is Hair Transplant the in UK So Expensive?

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to hair loss by far. You can see many celebrities and folks have taken the surgery to restore their hair. Not like other treatments, hair transplant provides the real results. In the UK and other places, hair transplant is a lifetime investment. One of the most frequently asked questions is how much is a hair transplant uk for sure. The hair transplant cost actually depends on the location, surgeon, and how many grafts you need to transplant. Hair transplant in the UK is certainly one of the bests yet the most expensive one in the world.

Latest Hair Transplant Technology and Hair Transplant Location

The hair transplant rate in a location is highly influenced by the living cost. The high price of hair transplant in the UK is due to the high living cost in the kingdom. Taking the hair transplant in Turkey becomes popular due to a more affordable procedure with similar quality with how much is a hair transplant uk surgery. It’s simply due to the fact that living cost in Turkey is much lower than the UK.

Latest Hair Transplant Technology The surgeon

The UK is home to various reputable hair transplant surgeons which determine how much is a hair transplant uk relatively expensive. Some of them have years of experiences, positive reputation, or even apply the latest hair transplant technology in their procedure. These may increase how much is a hair transplant UK, as each surgeon may determine the rate in person. The key is to do some research and weigh up the options. In fact, Turkey also has reputable surgeons like Dr. Tayfun who have successfully surged former UK patients.

The Number of Hair Grafts to Latest Hair Transplant Technology

Usually, hair clinics in the UK will charge you per graft, the more grafts needed, the more you should pay for how much is a hair transplant uk in the end. If you’re going to restore your hairline you may spend £5,000-£8,000 for the procedure. However, a severe hair loss which requires total restoration might cost you up to £12,000. it’s barely very expensive to get your hair fully restored in the UK. The surgeon may split the procedure into two sessions if there are too many grafts to transplant.

For rigid calculation, the Norwood Scale is used to determine how many grafts need to transplant. If you take the procedure in the most expensive clinics in the UK, you can spend up to £30,000. That’s how much is a hair transplant uk for real. However, if you take the procedure in Turkey, you can cut out the budget by up to 80 percent.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

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