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10 New Hair Loss Treatment That Truly Work

Once you go online and look for new hair loss treatment, there will be tons of sources provide you such information. There are headlines of the breakthroughs in new hair loss treatment. However, many of them are reporting the progress of certain discoveries and developments not about the real new hair loss treatment already available in the market. If you’re looking for real options for the available new hair loss treatment, this article is for you.


Minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and is available on various hair loss products. It aims to help people to slow down the hair loss promote hair growth in the former thinning area. Most of the men using Minoxidil as single treatment gain hair growth within months.

Minoxidil works by widening the blood vessels and let the hair follicles gaining more oxygen through blood flow along with the important nutrients. Even though it doesn’t directly deal with the DHT hormones, which is the main cause of androgenetic alopecia, Minoxidil can effectively halt the baldness and promote some hair growth. Some side effects include the excessive hair growth in unwanted places, chest pain, or itchiness.


It’s usually prescribed with the Minoxidil to settle down the progressive male pattern baldness. It’s an FDA-approved medicine tat


There are new hair loss treatment shampoos with credible formula available in the market. Most of the formula works by providing essential nutrients and supplements to the hair follicles. In term of hair loss prevention, the new hair loss treatment shampoos are actually effective and reliable.

The manufacturers develop their formula to respond the demand of new hair loss treatment. Some of the shampoo products are featured with Minoxidil previously explained. This way, shampoo can be a reliable new hair loss treatment including promoting new hair growth at some extent without involving any additional treatments. Checking the satisfactory reviews will help you to find the best shampoo.


The popular choice of new hair loss treatment is the vitamin. It works at the same way with the shampoo where the vitamin provides eligible nutrients for hair follicles so they can work together. It’s due to the fact that your daily diet may lack such nutrients which leads to thinning hair. It’s not a secret that some hair loss cases are generated by nutrient deficiency. You can either improve your diet by increasing essential nutrient intakes or simply take the vitamins. However, the vitamins may not effectively work on progressive androgenetic alopecia.

5.Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)

PRP therapy is the new hair loss treatment which was formerly developed and used in Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, and Dentistry. The clinical test of PRP therapy on hair loss has proven that it’s suitable for the field. It works by promoting blood flow to the hair follicles.

When you’re experiencing a stubborn Alopecia Areata then PRP therapy may be the best option instead of taking steroid on a regular basis. In other hands, if you’re experiencing androgenetic alopecia you can try this therapy as your doctor suggests to. However, PRP therapy isn’t widely available. The new hair loss treatment PRP therapy which uses the stem cells technology can be too expensive.

6.Laser Treatment

This new hair loss treatment is actually doubted by many practitioners. It’s due to the fact that too many companies see this tech as an opportunity to produce handled and homey devices which are actually not reliable. That’s why laser treatment seems to have a lower score in reputation.

However, laser treatment does work to some extent to slow down the hair loss. Even though it’s not proven to promote new hair growth, you can try the therapy in a reliable clinic or buy your own handled device for home usage. Some reputable clinics are having advanced laser technology with professional technicians, it’s a considerable option for sure.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

7.Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

FUE is the leading new hair loss treatment surgery which provides a permanent result.
The surgery was avoided by many hair loss sufferers due to the painful procedure and a doll-like result. However, the hair transplant has been extensively developed both in method and technology. FUE is the new hair loss treatment method which is a less invasive method and allows you to have a more comfortable and quicker recovery time. Instead of taking a whole strip of skin from the permanent area, the surgeon individually harvests the hair follicles using micro punches. There will be no major wound which means a less painful procedure and no linear scarring.

8.Stem Cell Technology

It’s the new hair loss treatment which works by generating the substantial components of hair follicles from the epithelial stem cells. It deals with the main cause of baldness, the dead follicles which are actually the ones trapped in the resting phase due to DHT hormones sensitivity.

Stem cells are used to “resurrect” the affected follicles by stimulating them to regrow the hair as they’re injected into your scalp. The treatment doesn’t require any surgical procedure since the technician will only take the scalable stem cells from your body, activates them, and re-inject them. The new hair will start growing within months and you’re able to apply the normal treatment to it. However, the stem cells technology is actually an expensive investment by far.

9.Hair Cloning

The hair cloning is new hair loss treatment which is somewhere between the hair transplant surgery and stem cell technology. It works by taking the follicle cell sample and multiplying them outside your body. After being multiplied, the cells are plugged back into your scalp and hopefully create the new hair follicles in the balding area as well as promote new hair growth there.

However, there are chances where the multiplied cells growing a different color and size of hair or simply growing none of them. The treatment is not approved by the FDA yet even though some clinics may already offer it to the patients. If you’re considering this treatment, ensure that you take it from the reputable hair clinics.

10.Hair Regeneration Treatment

This new hair loss treatment is actually the collaborative applications of PRP therapy, Vitamin D, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) procedure. This method is the solution for hair donor supply insufficiency. The method utilizes the stem cell technology, the ECM, to generate new hair follicles by duplicating the skin tissue. The blood flow is promoted by PRP therapy while the VItamin D is also applied to promote the health of the hair follicles which leads to hair growth.

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