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post hair transplant

Having a successful hair transplant procedure, your next challenge will be the post hair transplant treatments that you will need to consider. Your doctor will give you tons of advice and all the instructions after the hair restoration surgery. You will want to follow them all to make sure that the results will be optimized. The good thing here is that you will always be able to consult with your doctor if there’s anything to ask. The best clinic like Drt Hair Clinic will make sure that their patients’ post hair transplant premise will be taken carefully.

The Hair Transplant After Care

For instance, the first issue of the post hair transplant is the noticeable swelling after the hair restoration. Having the FUE hair restoration treatment can lead you to swell in the forehead or between the eyes. However, you shouldn’t worry about that because it is normal. It can be more significant around the third day after the surgery. Your doctor will suggest you to avoid bending over and keeping your head above your heart for the first week.

To reduce the swelling in the post hair transplant phase, you will need to sleep at 25-degree angle for the first three days after the surgery. It is suggested to use the neck pillow or rolled up towel to uphold your head in the most strategic position to protect your new grafts from the contact. In the post hair transplant, you will want to take care of your FUE grafts on a daily basis until the sixth day. At this point, the grafts will be secured, and you will use the spray every thirty minutes throughout the day and every 2 hours during the first two nights. It will only take around 2 to 4 days to make the shower.

Besides the recipient area, the post hair transplant treatment will also include the FUE Donor Care. In the evening, you will remove any dressings or headband before sleeping. There will be moisturizing ointment that you need to play at least twice a day, or more depending on your doctor suggestions. The ointment is the solution for overcoming the donor area at the back and sides of the heads. It is not for your grafts. As usual, you won’t need to worry since you will only take it for seven days.

In the first 24 hours of post hair transplant, you will not be allowed to wash your hair. Depending on your doctor’s suggestion, you will remove your hair on the second to fifth days with the dilute shampoo and lukewarm water.

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