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Regenera Activa

The discovery of the medical world about the human body continues at full speed. Stem cell technology is getting more advanced every day from the most exciting topics of the last period. Just a few years ago, it was determined that the hair of the cell group we named “Mesenchymal stem cell”, which played a key role in the hair and skin cycle, was found in the bulbous part of the bulb, and in the skin unit surrounding this area.

As a result of these studies, it has been shown that if these cells are separated and transferred to different places, they may cause new hair follicle development in these regions. REGENERA ACTIVA is a medical system produced from this discovery.

The treatment is applied to people who do not have complete baldness, go with dilution and have a “Minyaturize”, quince hair-like hair  or in HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery. It can also be applied in cases where it is desired to protect hair density and to increase post-hair transplantation success. It can be used especially in the treatment of “Male type hair loss” in women.

The back of the head with the scalp is numbed by local anesthesia, and then three 2.5mm sized pieces are taken to obtain hair roots and skin islets that contain stem cells. This process is painless, and because the filled samples taken are small, the spot-scar does not stay in place.

Recipient tissue samples are made to be injected with the REGENERATIVE ACTIVATOR kit. The sample obtained contains an average of 80,000-100,000 “mesenchymal stem cells”.

The application is made with scalping injection, just as it is in the mesotherapy method. The application period is approximately 10 minutes. After the procedure, the person continues his daily life. The effect of the procedure is observed after 6 months. The practice is FDA approval. It is a very safe application because the patient’s own cells are used.