The Eligibility to Take The Hair Transplant Surgery

The Eligibility to Take The Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is widely known to be the only permanent solution to the hair loss problem. Hair transplant can promote hair growth and natural look in the transplanted area. In fact, hair transplant has become the global phenomenon which forms US$ 3,5 billion market value worldwide. However, even though it has tremendous popularity, not everyone can be the eligible candidates for the hair transplant.

Which Hair Transplant Technique is Better?

Before you ask how much hair transplant cost? It’s better for you to ensure your eligibility in taking the procedure. The hair transplant can only be conducted as you have adequate hair donor supplies. People with total baldness is absolutely not eligible to take procedure as there are no such hair donor supplies to be transplanted to the balding area.

It should be noted that the hair transplant isn’t creating any new hair. It works by relocating the hair follicles from the permanent or donor zone where the follicles are resistant to the balding. The same follicles will promote hair growth in the transplanted area. If you don’t have adequate hair donor supply then it can’t cover the balding area. If you might forcibly take the procedure, you won’t get a desirable density or even a natural look.

Hair Transplant Best Procedure

Hair transplant is perfect for those who haven’t suffered from ongoing pattern baldness and have sufficient and healthy hair donor. The sufficient hair donor will allow the surgeon to place the graft in a desired pattern and density. It’s not reasonable to forcibly relocate most of your limited hair donor supply just to cover up the forehead or crown. This will certainly create an aesthetic and cosmetic problem as you’re also relocating the baldness to your donor area. In such condition, the hair transplant isn’t a suitable idea doesn’t matter how much hair transplant cost?

You need to ensure that you’re eligible to take the procedure. The key is to identify your hair loss as soon as you notice the signs.Consult the doctors for a proper treatment. In an early stage, some medications with Propecia or minoxidil are advisable. This will slow down, halt, or reverse the effects of hair loss until you can take the procedure. Once your hair loss is no longer progressive, then it’s the time you can go on a hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Tayfun Hair Transplant clinic provide you a professional consultation. As long as you have sufficient and healthy hair donor supplies, you can take the hair transplant procedure. You can contact us page  for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.

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