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The Medications as Your Hair Loss Solution

If you are like many people, you will want to stop or slow down your hair loss in any way you can. One of the most common solutions that you can stick to is the medications for hair restoration. The hair treatment medications that are promoted in the market claim to be very effective to stop the hair loss and manage the hair regrowth.

With so many options out there, it is pivotal to carefully choose the best option because you don’t want to end up getting the bad results or worsen your current condition because of the wrong choice.

Using one of the hair medications that are offered in the market can be a daunting task to do. Dozens are advertised on the World Wide Web and other mediums. Now the great thing is that all come with the pros and cons, but you can always take the benefits from them. Some medications are herbal, some are pharmaceutical. Most of them are promoted as the effective solution. So, why is it so biased? You may ask sort of question. But there is one thing that you can stick to get the best answer.

The rule to find the best medication is that knowing the products as the FDA items. That means the hair loss treatments which are approved by the FDA  – US Food and Drug Administration will be safe and will likely to give the desired results.

The approval from the FDA itself is actually a good thing to start. That means the specific hair loss solution products have been strictly tested for the safety and efficacy in the clinical trials. When they met the FDA standards, they would be listed in the approved ones. The products which have not been approved by the FDA yet might pose some risks and you don’t want to take them at all.

Some products can be used independently at home. But many effective treatments out there must be conducted under the physician’s’ supervision.  You can undergo either medical or surgical treatments. Before choosing the specific one, you should understand the options available for you first.


Propecia has been one of the most common hair loss solution recipes in the world. It comes in different names of the brands. You could get it through your doctor prescription.

Studies have shown that Propecia was very effective to reduce and slow down the hair loss. Not to mention that it could also stimulate hair regrowth in a majority of men treated with it. It is an oral solution in which the users need to take it on regular basis. To maintain the result, you will need to keep using it. When you stop taking it, you will notice that the hair loss will come again after months. This medical therapies can be considered as a standalone or the complimentary. When it is combined with the surgical hair restoration, this will bring more effective results.

Pregnant women are banned to use Propecia because it can affect the fetus development. The reported side effects mostly happen in men like lack of libido, male breast enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and many more. You will need to carefully use this under your doctor’s supervision. Make sure to consult with a top clinic like Dry Hair Clinic to pinpoint the best option for you.


Dutasteride is also an FDA approved hair loss solution for everyone. However, it has been used mostly for men. It works just like Propecia when it comes to altering the male pattern hair loss. Just like Propecia, it has significant side effects to women who are pregnant. Reportedly its side effects for men are the decreased libido, male breast enlargement, dysfunction of erectile, and mood swingings.

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It is the topical type of hair loss solution which is very suitable for those who don’t want to take oral medications. The topical solution of the hair loss comes in the form of liquid or foam. Minoxidil can be used independently at home with your doctor’s supervision.

It is the more prevalent solution for men. Women can also take this medication with different rules.

This product is available in the common dispensaries and sold under different trading names.

Minoxidil was actually introduced as the oral medication to lower blood pressure. As the time goes by, the researchers found that it is very effective to slow the hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth when used topically. The positive response can be noted when you use the minoxidil regularly. However, the effect of the minoxidil will be compromised if you stop using it. It is more effective to be applied in smaller part of hair loss rather than large areas. The common side effects that you need to consider is the intense scalp itching. Well, it does make sense since it is a topical use. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you consult this treatment with your doctor first.

Minoxidil 2% solution is a recommended one for both men and women. Besides available from the doctor’s prescription, you can find it easily in the common dispensaries. It is applied topically. That’s why it is less risky than other types of medications.

The popular brand of minoxidil was introduced decade ago. Since then, many people have been using it regularly to maintain their hair growth and hair quality. The effect of minoxidil does not end up in just the regrow rates, but also the thickness of the hair. Not to mention that everybody can afford this type of medication since it is not hefty at all.

Perhaps the only significant downside that you should consider besides the side effects is the fact that you need to keep using it to maintain your hair health. With the high response rate of the medication, you can consider this as the strongest option.

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