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The Hair Regrowth Treatment That Will Save You from Big Problem

For those who have been struggling with the hair loss and want to find the best hair regrowth treatment, you won’t have to worry anymore since we are going to share you the best hair regrowth treatment that we’ve found.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

One of the of the hair regrowth treatment that you can consider to get is PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a great method of hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. It has also been used on many occasions by many health practitioners to overcome the problem of the hair loss suffered by their patients.

The Drt Hair Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, has gladly announced this effective solution is added to their options to help their clients to overcome the hair loss problem. Now the Drt Hair Clinic can claim that they have the better chances for hair restoration procedure results with this solution. The recent research has shown that the PRP has been an effective procedure of treatment for hair and skin restoration.

Through the uses of the Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP aesthetic is still in early phase, Dr. Tayfun who develops in Dry Hair Clinic believes that this will be incredibly successful to handle the most common problems in hair, which is hair loss. Both men and women have the chance to hair loss condition when they age, but it happens mostly to men. If you notice that you have trouble with your fair, you will need to check yourself up ASAP and decide whether you will need the advanced hair regrowth treatment or not. The good thing here is that you can contact the Drt Hair Clinic by phone and consult with the experts about your condition.

So, you may ask a question about what is the PRP therapy actually. Some of you have probably known the definition of the platelets. These are the normal component contained in the human blood. The function of platelets is to make the blood clot when the human bleed. Back then, the scientists tested the platelets for their research. They filtered the platelets from the patient’s blood. Then the platelets were concentrated in the centrifuge to assess the ability of the healing.

Sooner, the scientists found that the filtered and concentrated platelets have healing properties which can be used to fix the broken tissues. The concentrated platelets can regenerate and multiply the tissues much faster. That means ones can accelerate the healing process in the dermatology, including the hair regrowth treatment.

The doctors and researchers agree that the Platelet Rich Plasma has incredible perks which are revolutionary in the world of hair treatment. The doctors found that the PRP is very beneficial for hair regrowth and hair thickening. Not to mention that it is also good for restoring the skin to more youthful experience. The good thing about the longevity, the PRP treatments do not require the downtime. Incredible, isn’t it?

Hair Follicle Germs Cultivation

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, we have another hope from the latest study which introduces us to the new way to grow the hair follicles at the record rate. The study involves the cultivation of hair follicle germs which are the sources of the organs that grow and maintain the hair on your body.

The professor Junji Fukuda claims to be the person In charge of this study. He assembled the team in Yokohama National University to manage the research years before. His team found that the cultivation of hair follicle germ will help to regrow hair significantly. He claimed that he and his team were able to cultivate around 5.000 hairs in just a few days. That is indeed a breaking through experience which can be aspired by all the hair treatment enthusiasts.

The high-end technology which uses this method can create up to 50 germs at once. The end results of the hair regrowth treatment from this might not be soon to reveal because the researchers will still need to weigh few aspects before introducing this as the final product.

Human tests might not be maintained anytime soon. But many researchers and scientists agree that it is going to be a revolutionary way to cure the hair loss problem. If this works, hair regrowth treatment that you need to stick will be this because of the permanent result. Fukuda also stated that this can also be used to alter the condition of cancer patients as well as other health conditions which can affect the hair loss.

As we know, the current hair treatments and medications can only slow down the hair loss process, not reverse it a bit. Men cannot avoid having male pattern baldness. However, they can still low it down. The cultivation of the hair follicle germs can be a breakthrough. But Fukuda said that it should be ready in ten years or so. There is still a long learning curve.

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The Exploitation of Tregs

A new finding has been published by the US scientist about the hair regrowth thing. The researchers claim that the immune cells called Tregs can affect the hair regrowth treatment. They found it when they remove the Tregs from the laboratory mice and found out that the hair failed to grow back. So, what does it mean? Tregs can affect the stem cells effectiveness. When the Tregs are compromised, the stem cells will also be affected. The result, the hair will fail to regrow. If the Tregs are knocked out, the hair won’t just grow. The defects of the Tregs is believed to be the root problem of the alopecia areata, immune diseases and other health problems which cause the hair loss.

Through the high-end imaging techniques, the researchers found that the Tregs will gather around follicle stem cells to procure the regrow of the hair. When tregs were removed, the hair regrowth won’t be happening. To conclude, Tregs have huge impacts on hair regrowth. Improving the tregs will help the hair regrowth treatment effectively. However, there is still a long learning curve.

We just have to wait until it becomes the final product so that you will have more options for fixing your hair loss problem.

You will want to follow all the three findings above to reserve the best options for hair regrowth treatment for you. Share this article with your friends or family if you think it is helpful.

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