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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

It is one of the most common questions often asked. Chances are you have been looking for the information on the internet. Well, it is the fairest question to ask since you can’t have hair transplant which you can’t afford.

To decide the hair transplant cost, it will depend on certain factors.

The Pricing Factors

As mentioned, the price will depend on the customization of the patients. This section will examine the factors and explain to you how these factors affect the pricing.

How Much The Hair That Will Be Transplanted

It is a no.1 consideration when deciding the price of the hair transplant procedure. Most reputable clinics in Turkey will charge by the graft while some will charge per session. Charging per sessions can be broken down into the small sessions, medium sessions or large sessions. The good thing about choosing cost per graft is that you will pay for exactly the number of grafts that are transplanted by the practitioners. The math is simple. The more grafts that they provide, the more you will need to pay. Drt Hair Transplant Clinic will inform you how much you need to pay for a certain number of grafts.

Cost Per Hair Model

It is the method that can be used when the practitioners assess the cost per hair model. This approach literally charges the patient per hair. The good thing about this method is that there is no need for extraction since both FUSS and FUE techniques will result in follicular unit grafts which are being prepared, examined and counted. Per hair model will involve the separation of the follicular units.

Then the grafts are prepared for the procedure. The patient will be given the bill that can appear more friendly. Being charged between a bill for 3000 grafts and a bill for 7000 hairs at the same price will be different. So, when compared to the graft pricing model, the per hair model can appear to be “more”.

In Drt Hair Transplant Clinic, the practitioners will be completely open about the services included in the prices. There will be no issue with the questionable per hair or graft counts because you will be given the method to verify the counts of the hair.

The Location

The location can also be the factor to determine the hair transplant cost. There are thousands hair transplant clinics worldwide and they have different ways to charge their patients.

In fact, there are also countries which promote their hair transplant techniques while in fact they are not recognized as the countries which deliver high-quality hair restoration.

You need to be cautious when choosing the hair transplant clinic. Don’t get tempted by the cheap hair transplant cost. These clinics may not deliver the quality of the hair transplant. Much cheaper pricings services are often spotted in these clinics. Beware though. They are able to suppress the price because of the cheap rental fee, underpaid employees, low-quality tools, and limited resources. Often, the procedures are done by inexperienced practitioners and trainees.

In Turkey, however, it happens to have high standards of care. Turkey leads the world with annual revenues generated from hair transplant surgeries on annual basis. It is a billion dollars industry. The high standards of hair restoration clinics have been spread around Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most crowded cities for hair restoration. By chance, Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the best clinics that you can find in Istanbul, Turkey.

The certified clinic is all you need to undergo the safe and secure hair transplant procedure. The target market for Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is America and Euro so the focus of the clinic aims to set a high standard of safety, competence, value, and high advancements.

The procedure of hair transplant will be performed by a professional team of practitioners and the patient will undergo the procedure with total care. You will be carefully treated from the beginning to the end.

No Shave Hair Transplant

Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

What is The Best Option For You?

Speaking of the hair transplant cost, Drt Hair Transplant Clinic is definitely the best option for you. If you are looking for the clinic that does the best work, you can’t go wrong with this clinic since it is supervised by experienced expertise Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu.

You will consult your condition with Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu and he will find the best scenario from the criteria of yours. Some of the criteria will be the type of the hair you have. The doctor will assess your hair type whether it is straight, fine, coarse, or curly. Some clients even have the combination of the hair types.

If it is your first time hearing about Drt Hair Transplant Clinic, you could see the clinic’s reputation online. You will see the real patients sharing their experience with the clinic. Although the clinic does not have the liberty to share their patient’s photos, you will find many patients are willing to share their before after surgery photos. You can see the expected results clearly from the photos.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

How much the hair transplant cost in Turkey? It is the most frequent cost asked by the patients who want their hair get fixed. The answer will be relative depending on the case of the patients.

In this case, Drt Hair Transplant Clinic can prepare the customized offer for you according to your specific needs and requirements. This will include the graft number as well as the expected price to pay.

  • The Drt Hair Transplant Clinic offers complete services which include:
  • The transportation service to and from the airport (Atatürk or Sabiha Gökcen)
  • Transportation service between the hotel and the Drt Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Five Star hotel accommodation including breakfast
  • The consultation with Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu
  • The hair analysis and hair transplantation procedure
  • Lunch on the first day of the treatment
  • English speaking assistance during your stay in the clinic and hotel
  • Post-surgery treatments and medication
  • Hotline assists in case you have any problems or questions post-surgery

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