The Hair Transplant Surgery

Are You Considering to Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery?

For further information, a sub-paragrap plains the hair transplant surgery. Hair loss has been undoubtedly a nightmare for both men and women. The hair loss happens to six out of ten men in the world. It also affects one out of nine women on earth. The hair loss or pattern baldness in men and women have been considered as a significant problem in term of aesthetics. Although it is not deadly, no one wants to have such worse appearance on the street.

Amongst tons of the hair treatments, there is also hair transplant surgery which is considered as an effective hair loss or balding solution. Balding is the major concern for many. Therefore, the surgery has been often considered as the primary treatment. Apparently, it is the most common cosmetic surgery done by modern men these days.

Yet, folks are still considering about the other options than the surgery. It thanks to the hair products which are sold widely in the international market from the hair shampoo, hair lotion, massagers, combs, and many more.  Many claimed that they took tons of benefits from those treatments. However, they are not permanent solution. There are also pharmaceutical medications which have been approved by FDA namely Minoxidil for topical treatment, and Propecia for oral treatment. However, they are just like the others. When someone stops using it, he or she will notice the pattern baldness or hair loss happens again.

So, is there any permanent solution for hair loss? Yes, there is. You may or may not like it. It is the hair transplant surgery.

The enthusiast in conducting the hair transplant surgery may increase if folks have done enough with a non-working solution. Moreover, they tend to look for a permanent solution rather than the temporary ones. The hair transplant surgery remains the best option for those who want to overcome the pattern baldness permanently.

Although the hair transplant surgery is initially meant to Male hair loss solution, the newer and most advanced techniques have been applied to women too.

The hair transplant surgery is used to treat various levels of alopecia in both men and women. The good part of hair follicles will be harvested from the donor site of the patient. The hair follicles will then be transferred to the recipient site using the follicular unit extraction or FUE, the most effective technique for the hair harvesting method. The FUE techniques have been used for years by professional practitioners and most of them come with the great results.

The hair transplant surgery can work on the different level of cases. As we know, the hair loss can be from the thinning hair to the baldness at certain parts.

Normal head ideally houses around 100,000 hairs. Folks can lose around 30% of their hair during the adolescence. The middle age will be down to 50%. The loss of the smaller percentage of hair should not affect the appearance of the hair loss. However, the loss of the number of hairs can be significant to older men. Usually, you will notice the significant hair loss in the late 20s. If it becomes severe, then you will need to take care the condition earlier.

What we can see in the future about hair transplant surgery is very interesting. The improved states of the art which the clinics provide can improve the chances of the number of surgery participants, as well as the increase of the surgery quality. That means the world will have more options to offer to all the hair loss sufferers, no matter where they are.

The cell multiplication, or hair cloning, for instance, offers such great solution to supply the donor hairs for the sufferers. By cloning multiple copies from the donor’s hairs, the patients will be able to receive extra hair. So, it will tackle the problem if the patient does not have enough hairs in the donor site. The candidates of the hair cloning procedure will have potential to reverse the baldness more effectively.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

The hair transplantation process is probably the most improved hair loss solution in the world. The good thing about this is that the patients will enjoy the satisfying results for decades or forever. After they are done with the surgery, they just need to take some medications to cure the scars, swells, and pains. Then, you won’t have to take any medications at all.

In the US alone, the hair loss has affected around 20 million women.  It affects over 50 million men. The hair loss affects the emotional, and psychological of the sufferers. The hair transplant surgery has been proven to be effective in term of fixing the appearance of the sufferers.

We have mentioned that FUE is the most popular technique used by the popular hair clinics by far. It is one of the techniques for obtaining the donor hair for the transplantation. The good thing about this technique is that it minimizes the risk of surgery side effects as well as shorten the time of the procedure significantly. It also lessens the donor-site scarring. That means you don’t have to worry about post-surgery scratches or marks.

Just like other procedures, it comes with side effects. the participants of the surgery should understand the risk of the transection or the damage of the follicles during the FUE procedure. This is going to be bad if the transection rate is higher than expected. You have every right to ask the possible risks when you consult with your physician. You could ask the transection rate. Normally, the trusted and reliable hair clinic will have the rate of 3% or lower transection. You should only stick to the best one to minimize the rates of the transections. Reportedly, the best clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, namely Dry Hair Clinic has 3% or lower transection rate. That means it can be the best hair clinic that you can rely on.

The hair loss in men is often seen at the end of the 20s. unfortunately, many don’t realize the symptoms until they are too late to fix their hair problem. It is recommended to check your hair condition up with your trusted doctors and undergo the hair treatment to prevent the severe cases from happening. If none of the mediations work, the hair transplant surgery is indeed the right thing to do.

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