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Looking for the Best Hair Transplant? You Can’t Go Wrong with The Hair Transplant Turkey

If you or someone you know are looking for the best hair transplant clinic to fix your hair problem, then the hair transplant turkey is the best answer for you.

As the time goes by, the off-shore cosmetic surgery has been increasingly popular because of many reasons. One of the most significant reasons is that the off-shore surgery offers the better result with a more affordable price. There are many people who want to go abroad to reach the good result. Undoubtedly, the hair transplant has been one of the popular segments of the tourism industry.

The Hair Transplant Turkey

Many people nowadays are interested in booking the competitive flight costs to travel to other locations for medical or aesthetical purposes. Turkey has been one of the most popular destinations. With the thousands of procedures done on annual basis, the country has the most crowded orders in the industry. Istanbul is considered as the focal spot to look for the best hair transplant clinic in the country. Drt Hair Clinic is the perfect example of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Istanbul has the most growing market for hair transplant procedures. As we know that there are some medications that folks can take to alter their hair loss problem. In the market, it is fair that folks use Minoxidil as the topical treatment and Propecia as the oral treatment. However, many also do not see the significant result that they’ve dreamed of. The hair transplant can quicken the result.

Going overseas is a big deal. It is not something to be considered as monkeying. When a person decides to leave his country to get fixed, then it is a wise option. We’ll tell you the reason why below.

Why Hair Transplant Turkey?

Hair clinics in Turkey have the tons of experiences in conducting the hair transplant procedures by using the two most popular techniques: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant procedures. Both have their own ups and downs. But they are considered to be the most reliable way to fight against the hair loss.

Turkey is not only the amazing country with tourism objects to visit but also cosmetic tourism aspects which strengthen the reason why folks want to go there. In the cosmetic tourism itself, it is not only about the lower costs it offers, but also the quality and the most updated technology which the clinics have. If you consider this with the bonus that you can enjoy your holiday in Turkey, than hair transplant turkey is a more complete package for you.

All folks know that Turkey has a lot of attractions to offer. It is also your chance to get have fun things to do in Turkey. All is included in the package, anyway. When you order the medical tourism tour, then what you pay is what you will get. They are the accommodation, tour guides, transfers, and post-care treatment which are all included in the paper contract. Not to mention that you can set your itinerary up based on your available budgets right now.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

The Hair Transplant Turkey vs Other Countries

We are not going to mention which country is compared with the hair transplant turkey for our respective reasons. But we are going to highlight the significant difference from some prominent countries which are known for their hair transplants. The average costs of hair transplant in other countries will be around $11,000 to $30,000, depending on the cases and the amount of surgery required per person. Keep in mind that this cost is for the surgery and treatment alone.

In comparison, the same procure with the same technologies and results can cost around $4000 to $10,000 in Istanbul, Turkey. Keep in mind that it is the price for the whole package which includes the hotel, local guide, surgery, post-treatment, transportation, and so on. Some packages may not include the airplane ticket. Well, if you add the airfare in the budget, then it is still much cheaper than hair transplant in other country.

Traveling for the cosmetic procedures has been done by many people for years and these are fairly eligible for all folks who need to enhance their life. But keep In mind that not all hair transplant clinics are the same. If you are going to the clinics which you are not sure about its credibility and quality, then you can’t proceed. The risk is that you’ll receive the below standard procedures.

Instead, you could only just stick to the best hair transplant clinic. For instance, Drt Hair Clinic is the best one in Istanbul, Turkey. Simply do the research and you can prove us right. Make a contact with the agent and the clinic representative to make sure that your case will be handled by the right people.

Why are There so Many People Come to Hair Transplant Turkey?

We actually have mentioned about the comparison of the price, which we’d like to highlight as the first reason. The more affordable price they need to pay is something’s winning. That’s why it is not surprising that you see some men out there shopping with bandaged head in Istanbul. It has been a common view on the street of Istanbul. The procedure like this has become the trend in the country itself. The medical tourists have been growing fast in Turkey alone. So, it is natural that many travellers go to the country for the medical reason.

In Istanbul itself, there are around 300 hair transplant clinics. The competitive is stiff and tough. But you can always stick to the best ones, like Dry Hair Clinic. The business is running incredibly. The industry has brought the stream of medical tourism travellers around the world to Turkey. Well, you can be one of them if you are struggling with your hair loss now. Make sure you do your research on the best clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Or, save your time by reaching Drt Hair Clinic.

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Seven out of some hair thinning guys refer to serious hair loss his or her leading concern. If your hair thinning is normally starting to cause you to be nervous, rest assured. You again have the possibility to enjoy a total mind of resilient wild hair, at a tremendously low price. Just how much is a hair transplant, you may well be asking. For the most powerful hair transplant devoid of a large fee, take a look at the scalp transplants Istanbul generally offer.




Seven out of some hair thinning guys refer to serious hair loss his or her leading concern. If your hair thinning is normally starting to cause you to be nervous, rest assured. You again have the possibility to enjoy a total mind of resilient wild hair, at a tremendously low price. Just how much is a hair transplant, you may well be asking. For the most powerful hair transplant devoid of a large fee, take a look at the scalp transplants Istanbul generally offer.


In fact, The Hair Transplant Turkey certainly is the leading country in the world for mane transplants. Regarding to a document on the Independent newspaper, The Hair Transplant Turkey includes a 1 Billion Dollars hair transplant market and Washington Post claims around 5000 individuals fly to The Hair Transplant Turkey every month for hair transplant. For top level hair transplant in The Hair Transplant Turkey, look for ways to Drt hair, unsurprisingly the effects for your own. Hair implant price tag doesn’t have to become trouble, as, should you be asking yourself about the hair transplant cost UK can provide, dissimilar with the very best hair transplant hospital in The Hair Transplant Turkey, choose no other. Discover makes The Hair Transplant Turkey such a popular destination for hair transplant surgery and find out the full curly hair you’ve been yearning to see.




FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplant approach which was used in The Hair Transplant Turkey for years. In simple fact, Turkish doctors started off exploring and education about FUE a long time before their competitors in the EUROPEAN and US. This provides you with these people an advantage of understanding that you can’t locate somewhere else in the universe. The doctors, Dr . Tayfun Oğuzoglu had been studying hair transplant tactics for over 20 years.


We are self-confident in the standard of our item because we now have the experience, expertise, proven capacity, and team to again up each of our helps ensure. With this doctors’ two decades of knowledge and a great team of long term professional nurses, you can count on Drthair for a high-quality hair transplant in The Hair Transplant Turkey.




Planning a therapeutic procedure in another country may appear just like a challenging task yet in Drthair we built this simply because lean when practical. The complete procedure for arranging and getting the procedure is merely 5 guidelines. You can see the details of these kinds of techniques inside the sections underneath;




Unfortunately not everyone is ideal for hair transplant operation. We should gather 4-6 images of you thus our doctors can easily verify the appropriateness to get the therapeutic operation. You can release your photographs using the no cost deliberation form.




Once each of our doctors have assessed your suitability they are going to send you a written report outlining all their suggestions regarding the most suitable treatment and the cost of that treatment




Once you get the record and you are pleased with it has the content articles, you are able to choose an ideal time pertaining to treatments. You should but the truth is we all normally completely booked meant for 4-6 weeks. We advise our people to book well ahead especially if they will only travel on specific dates unexpectedly function /personal commitments.




You must get to Istanbul the day prior to surgery. Each of our driver can go for you up in the airport terminal and take you to your regular. Your medical operation will be executed following day within a medical center hospital with a fully qualified group of doctor and nurse practitioners. Our new driver is going to take you to the hotel after the surgery.




The day following a surgery we brings you to come back to our hospital for your post practical, effectual check-up plus your first aftercare session.


You may to abandon the day following the surgery, found at the first 1pm.


Our relationship will not end once you are rear in your house country. We on a regular basis review you and definitely will view your photos to talk about with our doctors.


You happen to be of training a lot more than enjoy to ask virtually any concerns you may have; your peace of mind is very important to us.




In most cases the difference among a standard hair transplant and an effective one is hard to miss.


A qualified doctor will make sure that grafts are distributed in a dense and ordinary approach.


Our doctor has 20+ years of experience in hair transplant. As a result of his experience and attention to feature his rewards look always herbal. He under no circumstances rushes the process and he often aims designed for optimum solidity while keeping the organic and natural take a look.


If you may need more prodding of our doctor’s abilities you may search the hair transplant comments or take a look at more before and after photos.




If you’ve been thinking of a hair transplant for some time, you’ve in all probability seen the portions. In UK or in the us, hair transplant surgery can cost up to £15000. The cost of the transplant will be different based about how much curly hair being transplanted, and the majority of cost just for the method is£4000 to £15000. Usually the hair transplant in The Hair Transplant Turkey, however, costs typically £1800 to £3400.






Only Doctor Tayfun and their assisting group of senior FUE industry experts would attend the medical procedures.




2 night times stay in a 5* or 4* restaurant including breakfasts.


Airport terminal transactions from and Istanbul large airports along with vehicle from the vacation resort to our health care clinic.




All postoperative medication , shampoo or conditioner and lotions and creams.




A secondary PRP is roofed in all of the of our surgical treatments.



Like lots of things is obviously, the price of the “same” offerings varies in one clinic to a different. Here we wish to show you how a value is defined and why variances occur between clinics

There are lots of parameters that have an impact on the cost of treatment, they are:


The amount of grafts

The medical staff doing the surgery

Where the surgery happen

How much patients a workforce sees per day

Medical alternatives utilised in the surgery


The quantity of grafts


Carrying out a hair transplant is an extremely manual and frustrating process. If the patient requires more grafts then the expense of this kind of procedure will probably be higher because of the time spent.


We understand where there are clinics offering “unlimited” grafts for that set cost. We need people to watch out for this practice as there exists a constraint on the amount of grafts feasible dictated by the donor region.


The medical team undertaking the surgical treatment


The well-established and respected hair transplant clinics in The Hair Transplant Turkey generally operate with a healthcare professional who have actively participates in the technique.


As well you will find a huge selection of treatment centers where the whole surgery is completed by wellness consultants who all are legally NOT allowed to execute any medical procedure.


Clearly there exists a price difference between a clinic who all operates with physician and senior nursing staff and one with well being technicians.


İn which the surgery happens


We and lots of reputable treatment centers operate in hospitals nevertheless there are hundreds of clinics found in The Hair Transplant Turkey that provide the medical procedure in residences changed into compact surgical bedrooms.


Renting a precise treatment room in an entirely equipped hospital is unquestionably a good drastically higher cost in comparison to a standard flat. Yet , someone will relish the potential benefits to a disinfected, antiseptic, sterilized, spotlessly clean, hygienic, sanitary, entirely restricted and licensed environment if they choose a hospital operating within a hospital.


The volume of surgeries on a daily basis


Many clinics which can find the money for to price tag low prices rely upon a very large number of daily person turn-over. We now have been told more often than not of medical groups completing 5-7 surgeries a period. You will need to understand that this kind of huge sound means almost no focus on the victim clients and generally inadequate post-op patient health care because of considerable amounts of enquiries/ inquiries that they receive.


Therapeutic solutions seen in the surgical procedure

A hair follicle is a pattern organ* and a hair transplant could be looked at as an “organ transplant”.


Time a head of hair follicle gets to spend beyond the human body impacts the survival fees of them hair roots. Because of this all of us use particular solutions including HypoThermosol and ATPv which can be tested to enhance the you surviving cost from the hair follicles.


By the end of every day it doesn’t matter how many follicles of hair happen to be implanted although precisely how many of which survive and grow…. Compensating a lower cost could be a false current economic climate when the treatment fail to and should be repeated.


Sad to say we have a numbers video game in the hair transplant sector. A lot of the people who are certainly not fully aware could possibly be inspired by unreliable cases of inexpensive Hair transplants, then disappointment when ever the task neglects.




Just like you understand there are several hair transplant treatment centers in The Hair Transplant Turkey but at this time there are merely one or two who consider huge take great pride in their job and are known to supply medical solutions of the most quality for their individuals.


Many clinics will may suggest the surgeon is among the finest inside the terrain nonetheless only not many can state becoming a part of the two ISHRS and the ABHRS.


Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is performing head of hair transplants in The Hair Transplant Turkey since 1996.


He is an investigation committee person in the International Society of Hair Renewal Medical procedures and a part of the Western european Lifestyle of Hair Recuperation Surgical procedures. Dr . Tayfun has been regarded onto the American Snowboard of Wild hair Restoration Surgical procedures which makes him among the just 4 doctors in the complete of The Hair Transplant Turkey to complete the task.


Doctor Tayfun likewise often participates in worldwide conferences the two as a wedding speaker and as a guest, in addition to providing advanced workout sessions in hair recovery to doctors around the world.




Though The Hair Transplant Turkey can be prominent for hair transplant surgeons and operations, you will discover regretfully several companies that maintain lavish websites even though functioning illegitimately away of apartment properties.


Our center is express of the fine art and we perform well in a JCI approved, totally equipped medical center in Istanbul.




Property is supplied either in the Limak Eurasia İnn or for the Modus Holiday resort. Both of our resorts are located incredibly close to the hospitals. Keeping so near to the clinics delivers the benefit of keeping you from crammed visitors of Istanbul. Additionally , if sufferers need disaster service providers, they are simply just minutes away.


Limak Eurasia is known as a fabulous a few stars housing which offers its guests absolutely free wifi and 24 hour bedroom service, among various other conveniences. There is also a restaurant, fitness center, massage and lay on web page.


Modus Conventional positions the visitors every one of the amenities you anticipate from a good 4 celebrities hotel. It also features of being really trendy location of Istanbul.




Istanbul hosts a growing and lively culture. İn your stay in Istanbul, you will get exceptional restaurant experience, a rocking night life style, art, record, and much more, all located rather near to the hotel. Significant sites in the spot to travel to are definitely the Küçüksu Palace plus the Rumelian Adventure.


For many people of your clients, exploring for Hair transplants found in The Hair Transplant Turkey may be the first go to for this ethnic center worldwide they have the chance to face. Although we all realize that your treatment is definitely the most crucial component of your travelling, we as well give a selection of packages that offer you additional time to discover each of our amazing nation and know-how Turkish lifestyle