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    What is Hair Transplant Treatment?

    The best hair transplant treatment is the transplantation hair taken from the donor area resistant to DHT hormone to hairless areas.

    Hair transplant is the surgical procedure where the surgeon moves the hair from the donor area to the balding area of your head. The donor area is where the hair follicles don’t experience baldness which is usually on the back or side of your head. The local anesthesia is involved in any kind of hair transplant procedures. what is hair transplant treatment ?

    Best Hair Transplant FUE or FUT

    Hair transplant procedure is conducted by two major methods including Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT or stripped method and the newer one, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE or extraction methods. Today, the FUE method seems to be a more popular hair transplant procedure. The surgeon will strip the follicular units from the donor area and replant it to the balding area in FUT method. In other hands, the surgeon will individually extract the hair follicles from your back head one by one and replant them in the same way.

    Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to the baldness including male and female pattern baldness. While the medication can maintain your hair loss in the progress, in the end, the hair transplant is the only treatment that can regrow new hair in the balding area.

    As a treatment, hair transplant isn’t stopping the baldness which means it becomes a solution for the right candidates. For those who are suffering from genetic hair loss Alopecia Areata, hair transplant won’t stop the balding in the affected area. An earlier stage of hair loss isn’t the perfect condition for the procedure as hair loss scenario may continue surrounded the transplanted area. Hair transplant is also not suitable to overcome the baldness generated by diseases or chemotherapy.  For those who don’t have sufficient hair donor on the head may not be suitable candidates for hair transplant. However, with FUE, the surgeon may conduct Body hair transplant where they extract the hair donor from other body parts.

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    Hair Transplant Norwood

    If you’re in an earlier hair loss, then you might prefer to take medication instead of a hair transplant procedure. The doctor may prescribe you medication like Propecia or Minoxidil to slowing down and halting the hair loss progress. You can use the Norwood scale to check the severity or category of your hair loss progress. If your hair loss progress reaches its peak or as in Norwood scale 6 -7, then this is the perfect time to take your own hair transplant procedure.

    The procedure will take 4-6 hours depends on the severity of your hair loss progress. After that, you will enter the recovery stage. You can see the new hair growth in the transplanted area in 3-4 months but you can clearly see the optimal result within 12 years. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.