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    What is The Success Key to Hair Transplant?

    Hair transplant is well-known to have a very high success rate, about 95 percent. The success key of hair transplant procedure is where is hair transplant done and who conducts the procedure. the high success rate is based on where is hair transplant done which should be taken in reputable clinics and are worked by an experienced surgeon. It’s due to the fact any hair transplant done outside the medical facilities may lead to the failure and complication. In Turkey, such action is illegal.

    Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

    Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which can only be conducted by an experienced surgeon. The success of the transplanted area in growing the new hairs is determined by the alive and healthy grafts transplanted. In other hands, the liveliness of hair grafts majorly depends on how the surgeon handles the hair grafts. It includes how he/she harvest, move, store, and transplant the grafts. Intensive training, hundreds of hours field jobs, and skills are highly required in these points. Only the experienced hair transplant surgeon possess these capabilities.

    The hair grafts are vulnerable while they’re exposed to air too long or simply mishandled. Since the hair transplant surgery can take 5-6 hours to complete, the surgeon store the grafts in organ preservation solutions to keep them alive and undamaged before transplantation. The generic saline solution is not enough to keep the grafts alive if the procedure is going more than 7 hours. The hair grafts should be immediately and continuously revitalized or the will be dead or damaged. A dead graft won’t grow any hair in the transplanted area, it creates pimples instead.

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    Hair Transplant Surgeon

    That’s why some surgeon prefers to divide an extended hair transplant procedure into two separate sessions. After the procedure, you need to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon about what you should and shouldn’t do during the recovery period. The transplanted hair will fall out within 2-3 weeks which is a normal post-surgery procedure. The hair will then regrow within 6-12 months after the procedure. At this point, you can clearly notice the thickness and density of the transplanted area.

    where is hair transplant done ?In Turkey, more than 100,000 hair transplant surgeries conducted each year. Experienced surgeons and reputable hair clinics deliver high success rate. Dr.Tayfun Hair Transplant Clinic is a reputable clinic with experienced surgeons located in Istanbul, Turkey. Thousands of people have taken procedure from our clinic. Contact our customer service for further information and details. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.