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What You Can Do to Stop Hair Loss

For further information, a sub-paragrap plains stop hair loss. When you are losing your hair, you must realize that there is no straight cure for the baldness. But it does not mean you don’t have any ways to stop hair loss. There are some effective treatments to handle this. Hair loss can be an issue of for men in certain ages. Here is what you can do to prevent it. We are going to breakdown into 2 big categories: the ways to prevent hair loss, and the foods that you need to eat to promote your hair grow.


Keep in mind that even though you have the regular eating, exercise, and get a lot of sleep, yor genetics may be the culprit of your significant hair loss. The genetics will follow the pattern. Generally, a little thinning will be noticeable when you are aging. Most men experience this in their 30. But there are also many men who experience it in the late 20s. You should be aware on what happens to your body. Once you notice the significant hair loss on daily basis, you will need to stop hair loss immediately.

We mentioned about the genetic disorders as the culprit. That’s why there is not a cure for hair loss or baldness, yet. But the further hair loss is not a hard case to prevent.

The Ways to stop hair loss

As promised, we’ll give you the list of the effective hair loss treatments and preventions which you can try at your country. Here we go.

Don’t over heating or drying

You may or may not realize it that the heating and drying can affect the wellness of your hair. In many cases, folks overlook the fact that the overheating and over drying can affect the proteins content in the hair. When it happens, your hair will be weaken as the time goes by, making it more fragile and more prone to hair loss. One of the best ways to stop hair loss is by not overheating and over drying your hair.

Don’t use harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals in spray, hair coloring products, and other hair products can be affecting your current hair. Some of the products in the market are not really good because the harmful chemicals can affect your hair. If necessary, you must avoid any chemicals products and just focus on natural ingredients instead.

No combing on wet hair

Wet hair is weaker than dryer hair. When it is in the weaker state, you will need to be careful when treating your hair. To stop hair loss, you will need to prevent combing through your hair. This will defect your hair and increase the chance of hair fall.

No combing on wet hair

Wet hair is weaker than dryer hair. When it is in the weaker state, you will need to be careful when treating your hair. To stop hair loss, you will need to prevent combing through your hair. This will defect your hair and increase the chance of hair fall.

Visit your Doctor regularly

The hair loss can be pretty bad for everyone. The thing is that not all realize the symptoms of the hair fall and hair loss. To make sure, you could visit your doctor on regular basis. Chances are you may experience hormones abnormality because of certain health issues. Your doctor will address the issue and give you the best prescription to deal with the condition.

Handle your depression

As we know, we need stress to be motivated when at work. But overwhelming stress will not do any good to your health. Stress is often recognized to be the main culprit of hair loss. That’s why you need to fight against the stress as one of the ways to stop hair loss.

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Having a balance life

The rule is simple. You just need to exercise regularly and keep maintaining your good diet. Don’t sleep too early or too late. Also, don’t nap too early or too late. You know, napping to early will make you sleep too early. Napping too late will make you sleep too late. Both of them are not good. You need to have at least 8 hours deep sleeping.

Foods for Hair Growth

The varied nutritious and balanced diet are good for the hair growth. Without a doubt, it is the concept that everyone can uphold to stop hair loss. Here are the foods that you should consider taking.

High protein foods

Protein is the most important nutrient for hair growth. Hence, you should not miss it. At Drt Clinics in Turkey your doctor will suggest you to take at least a 120g portion of the good protein. One of the most important proteins that you need to consider is essential amino acids. These ingredients are very good for your hair growth: eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry, low-fat dairy products. If you are vegan, you can consider soy, nuts, and quinoa.



Honey on the pancakes, honey in the milk, or anything you would like. Honey can be applied topically or orally, or even both of them. A study shown that folks who apply the honey solution (honey and water in 9:1 ratio) topically to their head have reported significant chance in their hair loss. They were able to prevent it well.

Complex Carbs

Complex carbs have massive amount of energy. When it comes to the hair growth, your body will really need enough energy supply to nail it. It might be daunting to arrange the complex carbohydrates intake because there’s a chance you can’t get it enough. Consider taking the supplement and you will be just fine.


Red Meat

To stop hair loss, you could consider regularly eating red meat. It is the ferritin which you need to get to improve the hair cell protein production in the body. One of the culprit of hair loss is the ferritin deficiency. This can cause the hair fall. Hair cell deficiency is the direct cause of the problem. Ideally, you can take the red meat two times a week.


The verdict is that when you notice that you are experiencing hair loss, don’t worry yet. You have many ways to handle this matter. Just believe in yourself. Visit Drt Clinic now to check on your condition. Our doctors will gladly help you.

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