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    Why Hair Transplant Can Fail?

    Hair transplant is the only way to restore your hair permanently due to pattern baldness by far. It allows you to get a natural hair growing again in the balding area by moving the permanent follicles from the back or side of your head to there. The chance of hair transplant failing is very rare. Here are chances of why hair transplant fail in few cases:

    <strong>why hair transplant fail</strong> why hair transplant fail Why Hair Transplant Fail why hair transplants fail 11. Mishandling

    The main chance of why hair transplant fail is the hair grafts mishandling. The surgeon should be able to keep the grafts alive and not damaged during the procedure. It mostly depends on how he/she handle the grafts including extracting, moving, storing, and placing them in the recipient area. The damaged or dead follicles won’t grow any hair, they’ll create pimples instead. That’s why hair transplant fail due to mishandling.  It’s very important to pick licensed and reputable surgeons to perform your hair.

    2. Displacement

    Another chance of why hair transplant fail is where the hair grafts aren’t placed correctly. The goal of restoration should be providing natural hair growth. The displacement of the grafts can lead to the doll-like result. That’s why hair transplant fail due to graft displacement. In providing natural results, the surgeon should have years of experience and proven results. That’s why it’s suggested to check reviews and customer feedback before picking a surgeon.

    3. Not-Suitable Grafts

    The insufficiency of hair donor might encourage the surgeon to take the hair from other parts of your body(Body Hair Transplant/BHT) or even from other people. BHT for head hair restoration is actually not recommended. The scalp can reject the grafts or they will result in unnatural hair growth with the different texture. It can explain why hair transplant fail due to BHT or other people’s donor. Instead, reputable surgeons will suggest the possible restoration strategies based on the available hair donor in your own head.

    4. Progressive Male Pattern Baldness

    Hair transplant doesn’t stop balding it works as restoration solution. If your hair loss is still progressive, then you’re not eligible to take the surgery. Taking the surgery too early can make your hair looking bad in several years to go. That’s why hair transplant fail in restoring your hair. Reputable clinics will deeply assess your hair loss problem and suggest you the best solution which is not always a surgery.

    The cause of why hair transplant fail could vary for each person. You need to visit a reputable surgeon to help you identify the causes and find the best solution to why hair transplant fail more effectively. You can contact us page for more information. Before and after photos you can see the following page.