The Best Countries to Get A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a very popular aesthetic surgery nowadays especially for men. Furthermore, it is very common to travel for getting an operation done in another country. There are several countries that are famous for their capable and educated hair surgeon along with their hair transplant . Most of the time the choice of getting procedure abroad is about economic reasons however in many cases the capability and fame of the hair doctor also play a big role. For example, Istanbul became the capital of hair transplant surgeries and the main two reasons why people choose Turkey over US or the UK is the price difference and their experienced doctors. So, it is not a surprise to see that Turkey conquered the health tourism field in terms of hair transplants and other aesthetic surgeries. On the other hand, Turkey is not alone in this field, countries such as Cyprus also offer more boutique hair transplant services with experienced doctors with small price difference than Turkey. Long story short, there are many locations for a good and affordable hair transplant operations. This article will compare some of the most popular locations for hair transplant operations.

  1. Turkey

It is not a surprise for anyone to see Turkey at the top the list. Turkey has many ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeries) member and some very distinguished ISHRS fellow hair surgeons. Furthermore, some of these ISHRS fellow doctors are also ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Society) members. When you consider these facts, it is easy to see that Turkey has many talented and experience doctors who perform hair transplant. Moreover, most of the Turkish prefers FUE method which is newer, less painful and faster method in comparison to older FUT method. Furthermore, FUT method leaves a big stripe shaped scar in the donor area. So, FUE method has more aesthetical and operational advantages to FUT.

Because of the currency of Turkey and its relatively cheaper expenses than the EU, UK and US the costs of the operations are cheaper in Turkey. So, in a way Turkey offers operations with very experienced and capable doctors with reasonable price tags. The average cost of a FUE hair transplant surgery with an experienced and specialized doctor in Turkey is around 1500-3000 EUR (approx. 1700- 3200 USD). The prices of course depend on the case and how many grafts the patient need. Around this price range you can have your hair transplant with a very qualified doctor and enjoy the historical beauties of Istanbul and Turkey.

  1. Cyprus

The paradise like Mediterranean Island Cyprus is also one of the top spots for health tourism. The island being a European Union member state and its tremendous natural beauties are boosting the Island’s position in the health tourism field. The Island’s gorgeous beaches, night life and natural wonders are some of the few things that you can enjoy before or after you get your hair transplant done. Alternatively, you can enjoy the peaceful nature of the Island. Cyprus has a small number of elite ISHRS and ABHRS member hair surgeons who offer more exclusive services and operations in their boutique . Similar to Turkey, in Cyprus also prefers to perform FUE methods instead of FUT. In this way, it makes Cyprus a smoother option for a hair transplant. The price range of a hair transplant in these boutique with qualified doctors is between 2000-3000 EUR (approx. 2200-3200 USD). in general. The prices might differ based on the number of grafts needed. Cyprus offers a really good ratio in terms of price, qualification and attractions. It is a great bargain to have your hair transplant in Cypriot .

  1. South Korea

South Korea is a very popular aesthetic surgery destination for Asian countries. South Korea has good hair transplant and capable doctors who perform hair transplant surgeries in their . Unlike Turkey and Cyprus, South Korea has more that prefers older FUT method rather than FUE. However, there are also some that are switching to FUE methods. There are couple of reasons for South Korea’s popularity has not reach to Europe or US. The first reason is the distance of South Korea from the western part of the world. It takes approx. 14 hours to reach South Korea which makes it less popular in comparison to Turkey and Cyprus. The second reason is the lack of tourist attractions in South Korea in comparison to Turkey and Cyprus. The third reason is the price range of a hair transplant in South Korea. A hair transplant cost approx. 7500 EUR (8200 USD) in South Korea, it is far more expensive and distanced than other options.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a very famous aesthetic surgery and tourism destination for a long time. Thailand offers great touristic attractions along with different kinds of aesthetic surgeries. It should be noted that Thailand is not specifically popular and famous for hair transplant surgeries. Rather its popularity based on other aesthetic surgeries. There are not too many specialized in hair transplant in Thailand, but it has both FUE and FUT . The costs are relatively higher in Thailand. A hair transplant in Thailand cots approx. 7500 EUR (8200 USD). Similar to South Korea flying to Thailand is not as short as to Turkey or Cyprus. However, if you would like to enjoy the natural beauty of Asia and have your hair transplanted, Thailand might be a valid option.

  1. Poland

Poland is a relatively new in Health tourism and hair transplants. However, there are few in Poland which are performing hair transplant surgeries. A hair transplant in Poland costs around 6000-7000 EUR (6500-7500 USD). Poland’s European Union membership and proximity makes Poland a candidate for a potential hair transplant or health tourism destination. However, the high prices, lack of touristic attractions and its relatively new and less experienced doctors in the hair transplant field are some of the disadvantages of having an operation Poland.

  1. Lithuania

Similar to Poland, Lithuania is also a relatively fresh destination for a hair transplant and health tourism. Lithuania shares many aspects with Poland such as being a European Union member state and having relatively higher costs of operations in relatively less experienced . The average costs of a hair transplant surgery in Lithuania is approx. 7500-8000 EUR (8200-8600 USD).

  1. India

India might be the cheapest option among the countries this article examines. The price for a hair transplant in India can be as low as 1000 EUR (1080 USD). It is hard to determine a definitive cost or price in the Indian market since there are lots of bargaining and negotiation processes going on before the operations. On the other hand, there are a few good doctors for aesthetic surgeries in India that are offering FUT and FUE methods, however some questions raised about the health/hygiene levels of the Indian . In a way, India offers maybe the cheapest prices for hair transplant surgeries and it has a lot of touristic merits. However, there are some concerns about the conditions of the .

  1. United States

USA was a very popular destination for the hair transplant operations with FUT method, however the rise of newer, less painful, and faster FUE method made the popularity of FUT surgeries immensely decrease. Most of the American doctors and did not make the transition to the newer FUE method because its former popularity in FUT. The prices of a hair transplant surgery in US is around 15000 USD (14900 EUR). In this sense, US has one of the most expansive hair transplant operation prices in the world. The popularity of US for hair transplant operations decreased because of these high costs and preference of the FUT method instead of FUE. FUT operations are relatively longer, harder and painful in comparison to FUE. Also, the number of grafts that can be transplanted is smaller with FUT method than FUE. Because of the relative disadvantages of FUT, high costs and resistance to the transition to FUE, US lost its popularity for hair transplant surgeries in recent years.

  1. United Kingdom

The case of the hair transplant operations in the UK is very similar to US. In the UK, Surgeries with FUT method are far more widespread than ones with FUE. In this sense, the impracticality problem of the FUT in comparison to FUE is still very visible in the UK. The UK was also a popular destination for FUT surgeries and struggles to make the transition to newer and superior FUE method.  The prices in the UK is approx. 12000 GBP (14000 EUR or 15000 USD). So, the impracticality problem of FUT, smaller number of grafts and higher costs are still present in the UK for hair transplant surgeries. Because of these reasons, like United States the UK also lost its popularity for hair transplant and health tourism.

Comparison of Hair Transplant Prices by Country

You can see the comparison of the prices/costs in different countries from the graph.

Tips to choose the cheapest place for hair transplant

Choosing the best and cheapest hair transplant option can be tricky. First of all, you should decide on which method you prefer. Of course, you can go with the older FUT method however, choosing the FUE option seems to be a wider choice. There is also the issue of prices/costs of different methods and destinations. A cheaper option might be better, and the most expensive option might not be the best. In this case, it is important to compare the abilities, experience, international recognition and most importantly previous results of the doctor and . Only after finding a experienced and good hair surgeon, you should start to compare the prices and other aspects. In this sense, there are major advantages of the health tourism for comparing the offers and doctors from all over the world and choose the best option for you.

Hair Transplantation Operations in Turkey and Cyprus:  The most Advantageous Destinations 

When you compare the prices, methods and experiences of the hair surgeons, Turkey and Cyprus get ahead of the competition. The widespread use of FUE method, best quality equipment, state of the art and highly qualified hair surgeons makes these destinations one of the best in the world. ISHRS and ABHRS member doctors who use FUE method make the biggest difference. Furthermore, the relatively lower costs and numerous attractions in these countries make them one of the most advantageous options.