Long Hair FUE

Long Hair FUE is simply a hair transplant without shaving hair. This is an extremely rare and special hair transplant method and only available at DrT Hair Transplant Clinics by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu in Turkey and Cyprus. At DrT Hair, our chief physician Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu made some important advancements to the field where shaving is not required for the operation. Thanks to these advancements, there is no need to shave the patient’s hair at all for a hair transplant operation at DrT Hair Transplant Clinics.

In regular FUE operations, patient’s hair is fully or partially shaved. However, this situation leads to some concerns over one’s appearance at the post-operation period. On this subject, long hair FUE method offers great privacy and discretion. At DrT Hair, we do not shave, trim, or cut any part of a patient’s hair (donor or recipient) with long hair FUE method.

There are two versions of Long Hair FUE operations:

  • Long Hair FUE with Short Grafts: This version is for people who have regular hair length. The hair grafts are extracted short in between patient’s donor area without shaving. Then they are implanted short.
  • Long Hair FUE with Long Hair Grafts: In this version, patient’s hair should be longer, and the grafts are extracted and implanted long without shaving or trimming of any part of the hair.

In both versions, one would not carry any visible traces of a medical intervention, or you do not have to cover any part of your head in post-operation period. Furthermore, the freshly transplanted hair grafts and patient’s existing hair would conceal the recipient and donor area.

In general, Long Hair FUE offers complete privacy, and your hair looks natural even immediately after the operation. So, you can continue with your professional or social life without any reservations after a hair transplant without shaving.

What Long Hair FUE Method at DrT Hair Offers:

  • No need to shave your hair or any part of it.
  • No visible indications of a hair transplant.
  • One can continue their daily, social or professional life on the next day.
  • Natural look in the post-operation and initial healing process
  • Smoother healing and growth process in terms of your image