Hair transplant in Turkey!

Hair Transplant Turkey : Beyond dispute Turkey is the most important and number one destination for hair transplant which is the most essential aesthetical procedure in recent years; undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is now virtually an indispensable trend in most Middle East countries.

And today many Europeans also go along with this trend, as a matter of fact the number of those people coming from USA or Canada to undergo a hair transplant procedure in Turkey has considerably increased in the past 1 year.

If you choose the right physician and clinic will be best solution.

Is undergoing a Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey a right choice or are you going to be faced with cheap but poor results?  Before answering that question, we should first have a look at how it is done in various countries around the world because there are unfortunately several unlicensed or unauthorized clinics operating as hair transplant clinics in Turkey which perform hair transplant procedures at very cheap prices.


First of all hair transplant is a surgical operation which is governed by laws in Turkey just like in any part of the world and it is performed by a physician in person just like in any other surgical operation.  There are two different methods of hair transplant which are FUT and FUE methods, and the first is a more surgical method compared to the latter. And it is still frequently used by the physicians especially in USA, Australia or Europe. It is not preferred much by patients because it leaves a scar in the donor location and the recovery process is somewhat more painful.

FUE method, however, is a lot more preferred, and this is because hair is extracted from very tiny holes without any incision or stitch on the skin and the procedure itself and the recovery process is fast and painless just to name a few. And Turkey is an important destination in hair transplant because FUE method is very widely used in hair transplant procedures. Nevertheless it is essential to pay strict attention to the following items to avoid any bad outcome or undesired consequence:


The phases of hair transplant are as follows both in Turkey and all around the world:


  • Extracting hair from scalp with hair: It takes approximately 2-3 hours and must be performed by a physician.
  • Opening special channels in the recipient area where hair is to be transplanted, and
  • Transplanting the hair


Phase 1 & 2 will be performed by a physician specialized in the respective area in Turkey and all around the world which is required as per legal and moral obligations whereas phase 3 is performed either by the physician or a trained nurse depending upon the method used by the physician.


In the light of the foregoing the hair transplant clinics in Turkey can be divided into 3 categories:


  • Clinics, usually owned by a physician, where Phase 1 & Phase 2 are performed by an experienced physician in person, those are the clinics which enhance hair transplant in Turkey with very good results and an appointment calendar usually booked up for the next 2-3 months.
  • Clinics usually promoted along with the name of a hospital or a physician charging remarkably cheap fees where the role of the physician in hair transplant is limited with drawing the hair line only and s/he plays no other role in any phase of the procedure. The procedure will be completely performed by a person who would be introduced to you as a hair technician or a FUE expert.  I would like to underline that there is no such certificate of expertise for hair transplant or FUE procedure awarded in Turkey or any part of the world, and it is also a criminal offense to use such titles under laws.
  • Clinics in the last category are those which are not affiliated with any hospital or centre and make a significant investment in e-marketing to promote hair transplant in Turkey at very well furnished, luxurious, beautiful offices trying to convince you with fancy, attractive websites and photographs of nice hotels and very cheap prices; they are neither registered nor employ any health technicians, and perform the hair transplant procedures at hospital rooms that are hired on daily basis. They would never be interested in the results achieved on your part and claim that they could transfer numerous hair in one day.


Hair transplant in Turkey particularly stands out with cheap prices and several people are convinced to undergo hair transplant; unfortunately the results, however, would be unfavourable.


I would like to underline that Turkey is the best destination for hair transplant and patients from many countries come to Turkey for treatment purposes in health tourism. As you make a decision, you should check up on the name of the physician who performs the hair transplant procedure in those clinics rather than the clinics performing the procedure in Turkey and necessarily ask which phases are to be performed by the physician in person.


Just as you would avoid getting a treatment from any unlicensed or inexperienced physician, please do not turn to those people who are not physicians for hair transplant procedures.


hair transplant turkey Hair transplant in Turkey! ishrs 300x183Hair transplant standards in terms of the physician and clinics which you would prefer in Turkey should be identical with those in your home country. Please visit Int. Society of Hair Restoration Surgery website at  for the standards and a list of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.


If you choose the right physician and clinic, hair transplant in Turkey will be a cheap procedure with perfect results. And visiting Turkey will be a great opportunity for you to see all the historical places and natural beauties. 

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