Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey became one of the most popular health tourism locations in the world. Hair transplant operations are nearly the most chosen operation type in Turkey. This has a couple reasons. High quality, experienced doctors and affordable prices can be named as the main reasons for Turkey to become the leading hair transplant and aesthetic surgery location. In this article, we will answer some important questions about hair transplant in Turkey.


Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Worth It?

Turkey has one of the most experienced and high-quality ISHRS member hair surgeons in the world. The and doctors are really high quality in Turkey. Furthermore, Turkish surgeons have more experience than most of the hair surgeons in the world. Furthermore, they have vast experience in operation on different ethnicities because of the popularity of Istanbul Hair Transplant around the globe. In this sense, it is hard to find a match for the Turkish hair surgeons’ quality and experience. In this case, a hair transplant in Turkey definitely worth it. It is really hard to find a comparison to Turkey (especially Istanbul) in the world.


How Affordable is Hair Transplant in Turkey?

In comparison to other regions such as USA, UK or Europe, Turkey is very affordable in terms of costs. The main reason for this affordability is the low cost of the living costs and exchange rate of the local currency. In this case, many ISHRS, ABHRS member and Internationally certified hair surgeons offer cheaper operations in Turkey than their peers in US, UK or Europe. Furthermore, most of the in Turkey offers all-inclusive packages that make Turkey one of the best locations for a hair transplant.


How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

It is hard to give out an exact or fixed amount for a hair transplant operation. Because the cost of a hair transplant depends on the individual case and how much grafts a patient need. Turkey guarantees best and affordable prices and packages for experienced and internationally certified hair surgeons. But the exact cost can only be determined after an in person or online consultation with the doctor. At Drt Hair, we offer free online hair analysis by our ISHRS, ABHRS and globally certified doctors. After your personal analysis our team can inform you about the exact costs and package deals about your case. Contact us to start your free consultation!