How to Make Hair Grow Faster?

The hair on our head grows in cycles. At any given time, %80 of your hair is growing and the rest is inactive or preparing to fall out. There are some ways to make your hair grow healthier and faster. Of course, it should be noted that if you are shredding unusual amount of hair or your hair grows thinner you should consult a specialist doctor about this problem.


#1 Get Frequent Trims and Change Your Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to make your hair grow faster is to get a trim frequently and changing up your hair style. Regular trims and cuts keep your hair healthier because trims are getting rid of the broken tips of the hair. So, your hair will grow better, faster and healthier without breaking.


#2 Distribute your hair’s natural oils

Distributing natural oils to your hair especially before going into the bed is a very useful way to ensure that your hair growth is faster and healthier. A short massage with oils to your scalp will boost the circulation and provide necessary oil to your hair and skin. This small massage will help your hair to grow faster and it will lead to a better night sleep.


#3 Eat the right foods

Treating your hair with the right products is an important aspect to make your hair healthier and stronger. These external supplements are vital to a faster hair growth. However, your hair gets its nutrition from what you eat. A healthy and balanced diet will lead to faster hair growth. Especially a diet with high protein, vitamin A, C, E, zinc, iron and omega-3 will make your hair healthier and stronger, which are the most important aspects of a fast-growing hair. A specialist doctor or dietician can help you about planning a balanced diet.

#4 Avoid heat styling tools

Heat styling tools are one of the unhealthiest methods to treat your hair. Frequent blowouts, curling irons or similar tools can damage your hair immensely. They lead to breakage and frizz in your hair. Furthermore, they will hinder your hair growth rate since the health of your hair will grow worse with these tools.


#5 Skip the Daily Shampoo & Conditioners

Even the best and most natural shampoos are taking away your hair’s natural oils away. Like shampoos, conditioners also have the same effect on hair. In this case, it is sensible to use shampoos and conditioners 3 times a week as an average. This routine will allow your hair to keep its natural oils to hydrate and repair itself. This will boost your hair growth a lot.


#6 Finish Your Shower with a Cool Rinse

A really hot and steamy shower is not ideal both of your hair and skin. Of course, a cold shower in the middle of the winter is not everybody’s cup of tea. In this case, keeping the heat of your shower on an average is healthier. Also, finishing your shower with a cool rinse will boost the blood circulation in your scalp and it will lead to a faster hair growth.

#7 Be careful When You Brush Wet Hair

Hair can be considered as fragile especially at the later stages of one’s life, so we should be careful when we are brushing or taking care of our hair. Make sure you are brushing your wet hair gently enough to avoid any damage. These damages can lead to breakage of your hair which will hinder the growth process.

#8 Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

The material of your pillowcase can be a huge difference for your hair loss and growth. Silk pillowcases are easier on the hair and lead to less tangles.  Less tangles mean less breakage of your hair. Avoiding any damage possible means your hair will be healthier and grow faster.

#9 Consider Hair-Growth Vitamins

Hair growth vitamins can supply all the necessary ingredients for your hair to grow faster. If you cannot provide your hair with the necessary vitamins from natural ways, the hair growth vitamins are something to consider. Of course, if you can acquire these from the natural ways that would be a better option. Nevertheless, the hair growth vitamins can help your hair to grow faster.