Can a Hair Transplant go wrong?

There are several things that can go wrong with a hair transplant. That is why it is important to choose a specialized and experienced doctor for your operation. Most common problems after a hair transplant:

  • Necrosis: Necrosis can be simplified as death tissue. In a way, a bad hair transplant can lead to death head skin tissue at the scalp which would lead to more hair loss. Unfortunately, necrosis cannot be treated fully.
  • Low regrowth rates: The extraction, storage and transplantation of hair grafts play important roles for regrowth rates and coverage. If there would be problems at these stages, a hair transplant can majorly fail.
  • Over-harvesting: Over-harvesting from the donor area can lead to bald patches. These patches are permanent and cannot be corrected because the donor area cannot be fully regenerated.
  • Unnatural results: Unnatural hair lines or hair transplants can lead to very unaesthetic results. In some cases, these can be fixed with another operation by an experienced hair surgeon. However, fixing these problems depend on the donor area’s capacity and condition of the current hair.


How to understand a failed Hair Transplant?

The indications of a failed hair transplants are quite visible. In general, low density or lack of hair growth can be the main indications. Furthermore, unnatural, or unaesthetic looks can be secondary indications of failed hair transplants.


Can a failed hair transplant be fixed?

Cases of necrosis and over-harvesting cannot be fully treated or fixed. Unfortunately, these cases rarely can be reversed or treated. On the other hand, unnatural or unaesthetic results can be corrected by experienced hair surgeons. At DrT , we offer correction operations for failed hair transplants. You can contact our doctors for a free consultation for fixing failed hair transplants.