Our clinic has been in the field of hair transplantation since 1997 and has always provided accurate guidance and adhered to the principle of spreading true information.

Especially in the last 5 years false and misleading advertisements and promotion that have spread on the internet have changed the patients’ perception of hair transplantation, which is a medical procedure.

To make the right decision DrT clinic recommends to consult an experienced doctor regarding hair transplantation as it is a medical procedure. Otherwise, lead by non-professional’s advice one may make a wrong and irreversible decision.

DrT Clinic constantly follows the newest technologies and make its best to make the results perfect. Using smart technology of Dr.U-graft and Dr.Trevellini (Mamba) micro-motors with hybrid punches for extraction of long and short hair ensures healthy extraction of all hair follicles.

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Moreover, from the moment these grafts are extracted they are hold in very special solutions made for storage of hair follicles (such as Hypothermosol or similar ones) cooled by special deviced at the temperature of 4 degrees, this makes survival rates high thereby success rate increases.

As DrT is a boutique clinic which does maximum 2 procedures per day we are sure that our service is top quality. We provide accommodation and transfer services to all our foreign patients who want to have their hair transplant procedure with us.

All DrT Hair Transplant Clinic doctors have international certificates of qualification and at the same time they provide hair transplant training in our Istanbul clinic for other doctors who are new in this field.

DrT hair transplant clinic has been officially licensed by health ministry of Turkish Republic and holds a JCI certificate.

It provides hair transplant services in a private hospital. That is why our clinic is the best place where patients can feel safe and comfortable.

DrT hair transplant clinic’s senior doctor Tayfun Oguzoglu is one of those doctors who contributed to the development of FUE technique. He participated in many international congresses and administrated 2 ISHRS large-scale workshops, which were arranged only for doctors. He continues participating in international conferences and sharing his long and rich experience with doctors from other countries.

As an advanced hair transplant clinic we would like to underline that every case in hair transplant is unique and needs to be well assessed by a qualified doctor. Consequently, only a good doctor can decide on whether a patient is a good candidate for hair transplant or not.

As around the world, hair transplant surgeries in Turkey can be implemented only by qualified doctors.
It is strongly recommended to those who want to have hair transplant to be careful when they choose a doctor. You should know that it is your right to question your doctor about his/her qualification, experience and background.

The conferences and seminars attended by DrT Hair Transplant Clinic

2019 FUE European Workshop Ankara
2019 FUE European Workshop Manchester
2019 ISHRS Istanbul
2018 Hair Transplant 360 San Luis ABD
2018 ISHRS Los Angeles
2017 ISHRS Prague
2017 ISHRS FUE Workshop Polonica Zdroj Faculty
2016 ISHRS Las Vegas
2016 ISHRS European Workshop Invited Faculty
2016 ISHRS FUE Workshop Istanbul Chair
2015 ISHRS Chicago Congress
2014 FACE London (Hair Section)
2013 ISHRS San Francisco

2013 ISHRS European Workshop Manchester
2011 IMCASS Aesthetic Congress Paris
2010 IMCASS Aesthetic Congress Paris
2009 ISHRS Amsterdam
2008 ISHRS Montreal
2007 ISHRS Las Vegas
2007 IMCASS Aesthetic Congress Paris
2006 ISHRS Vanocover
2006 AAD  San-Antonio
2005 EADV Rhodes
2005 ESHRS Brüsse
2002 ESHRS Berlin
2001 ESHRS  Madrid
2000 ASHRS Athens

Drt Hair Transplantation Clinic Member and Representative to International Committees

american hair loss association

The American Hair Loss Association is the only national, privately held consumer organization, dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, mainstream media and legislators about the emotionally devastating disease of hair loss (alopecia).


The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,100 members throughout 70 countries worldwide.


he International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and its elite membership is the only hair transplant society to be recognized by Consumer Reports, Consumer’s Digest and WebMD. Considered the foremost patient-centric organization in the field.

The need for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) first surfaced in June 1995 at a Hair Replacement Surgery Seminar in Chicago. A group of speakers began discussing the need for a certifying board in hair replacement surgery.

Here you can find some comments of DrT Hair transplant Clinic patients

I'm from the UK and was skeptical about travelling abroad for a hair transplant. After several consultations at home and with companies from Turkey, it was clear there is much more value for money in Turkey, and that it was very common for people to travel for the procedure. I then began researching companies and Dr Tayfun's clinic came out on top. After paying my deposit, a representative was in constant e-mail contact with the next steps and what to expect. I felt confident that I would be looked after once I landed in Istanbul. And that's exactly what happened. The driver was waiting for me at an agreed spot in Arrivals. It was explained to me what would happen next, and I was taken to my hotel to get a good night's sleep ahead of the procedure. The hotel was nice and clean, the staff were friendly and breakfast was included.


First of all I want to thank Zak for always be ready to answer my questions and quick to send replay. Dr.Tayfun and his team are very skilled and professional. The operation went well and was done before I knew so now it is just to wait and see the new hair grow 🙂 I give Gethair and Dr. Tayfun my best recommendation.


A fantastic experience from start to finish. Dr Tayfun’s team is very professional. The 2 nights in Turkey were hassle free with a lovely hotel and all transfers taken care of. All questions I had prior to the surgery were answered immediately and now having had the surgery I am excited for the results. I cannot recommend DrT enough.

Nicholas S.

I started conducting research in 2016 when began to lose my hair. I had consultations with many leading hair surgeons here in US. Each time I was not overly impressed with the final results of their patients. For me, money was not the issue. I wanted to feel comfortable and impressed with the results. I decided to go with Dr Tayfun. On the day of procedure Dr Tayfun looked at hairline, explained procedure and how many grafts expected to get which he said 3000 and the report was only 2900, I ended up with 3150. The bottom line is I would 100% recommend DrT. Traveling abroad for any procedure has it’s risks because it’s away from what we know. But don’t be put off.

James H.

Drt Hair Transplant Turkey Clinic