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DrT Hair is an internationally recognized establishment which solely focuses on hair restoration treatments in various regions. DrT Hair Transplant clinic was established in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu. In 2017, DrT Hair opened its second hair transplant clinic in Kyrenia, Cyprus. Then, in 2019, DrT Hair expanded its services to Munich, Germany. In 2023, Vienna office was established.

We aim to offer a high-quality medical service to all our patients. All DrT Hair transplant clinics are officially licensed by respective health authorities, Furthermore, DrT Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul holds a JCI certificate. DrT Hair Cyprus Clinic is also designed to have the same qualifications.

DrT Hair Transplant Clinics adopt a boutique concept. We offer only a limited number of operations every year to ensure that our patients receive top quality service.  Furthermore, DrT Hair only works with doctors who have international and domestic certificates of qualifications. Our doctors constantly follow the newest technologies and applies them in the best possible way to offer perfect results that are unique to every individual patient.

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