What is the Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

Sapphire FUE method is a special hair transplant technique. It mainly takes up the name after the sapphire slits that are used to make the incisions on the recipient area. The new channels for the hair grafts are opened by slits that have sapphire tips. Sapphire material helps the skin recover faster and better.


At Drt Hair, we only Sapphire tools for all our operations. We even use a more advanced Sapphire FUE technique that is called Sapphire Premade Slit (SPS) method. In SPS method, the incisions (new channels for the hair grafts) are made at the beginning of the operation with sapphire slits which have 0.8 to 1 mm diameters (according to patient’s hair type). After that the hair grafts are extracted one by one with FUE motor. In this case, the grafts can be implanted faster and denser with SPS because the new channels are ready unlike regular hair transplant methods. Sapphire FUE and SPS method have clear advantages:

  • Sapphire slits are very sharp and have a smooth surface and, in this sense, SPS allow us to transplant hair with 30 % more density than regular slits.
  • Sapphire Premade Slit (SPS) Method also minimize the damage to the existing hair at the recipient area.
  • Sapphire slits minimize the tissue damage and trauma, therefore the healing process after a hair transplant with SPS method is faster.
  • In this method, the hair grafts are kept out of patients’ body for a shorter amount time than other hair transplant methods. In this sense, SPS provides a higher graft survival rate and healthier grafts.
  • SPS method leads to less trauma and therefore higher survival rates for the hair grafts.

Is hair transplant helpful for genetic hair baldness?

A hair transplant operation can treat genetic hair baldness. The genetic hair baldness in men is called male pattern baldness (MPB), this is mainly caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from testosterone hormone in males. Genetic and external factors can change the level of the hair loss. Hair transplant operations are in general developed to treat MPB and this genetic baldness in men. In fact, that is why hair transplants work better for men than women.


Is transplantation of hair permanent?

Hair transplant is a permanent and natural looking solution for baldness. The transplanted hair grafts are not affected by natural effects of hair loss. The reason behind this situation is related with the nature of the transplanted hair. The hair grafts for transplantation are extracted from the special donor area that is located at the back of one’s head. These hair grafts are immune to effects of the DHT hormone. These hair grafts are permanently stay in the recipient area because of this special feature. In this sense, hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness.

Does hair transplant surgery last a lifetime?

Because of its permanent nature, the result of a hair transplant surgery lasts a lifetime. The immune hair grafts will be with you at the recipient area until the end. However, the same cannot be said for your native hair that are already located in the area and not immune.

Will my hair transplant results look completely natural?

Hair transplant is a permanent and natural looking solution for hair loss. It should be noted that the transplanted hair is one’s own hair. In this way, the transplanted hair looks and grows normally. Of course, there is the issue of hair line design and density. The hair line design and density must be planned personally for you. Your age, limits of your donor area, facial and anatomical features must be taken into account for acquiring a completely natural look. This must be done by a certified and experienced hair surgeon. At Drt Hair, we offer consultations and operations by globally certified and experienced hair surgeons. Contact us to get your free of charge online consultation!