Is a FUE Hair Transplant Painful?


Hair transplant operations are very smooth and in general one of the safest operations in medicine. Many people are confused about its risks and the procedure. First of all, hair transplant operations are considered to be one of the safest operations. In many ways, there are minimal risks involved. Furthermore, most of the people are eligible for it since it is a very safe and smooth operation.


On the other hand, many people are curious about the pain involved in the operation. So, Is a FUE hair transplant painful? During a hair transplant itself, the patient does not feel any pain thanks to the local anesthetics. Many patients describe their experience during the operation as painless, relaxed and near asleep.


Does the Hair Transplant Procedure Hurt?

The only part that would involve a mild pain during a hair transplant is the application of the local anesthetics. So, the operation itself is not painful thanks to local anesthesia but the application of it might create a momentary discomfort. At Drt Hair, we use a gradual sedation system to ensure the comfort of our patients. This system starts with oral anesthetics before the local anesthetics’ applications. In this case, the pain involved is minimized and the patient is relaxed.


Gradual sedation system can also involve a phase of an analgesic gas for the patients who has great anxiety or phobia. This offers greater relaxation and ensures a smooth operation. In this way, hair transplant procedures at Drt Hair aims to offer smoothest and most relaxed operations to our patients.


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