Body Hair Transplant

There are two types of body hair transplant operations. They are body to head hair transplants and head to body hair transplants. These methods are viable options for people who would like to have hair, beard or eyebrow transplants. In general, it can be argued that head to body hair transplants are more common and successful than body to hair transplants. Body to hair transplants are generally complementing regular hair grafts and transplants. Also, it should be noted that like all hair transplant surgeries these procedures must be performed by a specialized doctor. For body hair transplant cases, it is important to find an experienced doctor since these are even more complicated procedures than regular hair transplant operations. At Drt Hair , Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu successfully performs body hair transplants for more than 10 years.

Head to Body Hair TransplantsHead to Body Hair Transplants

Beard Transplantation

Beard and moustache transplants are the most common body hair transplants. People who have beard hair loss or are not satisfied with their beard density can easily go through a beard transplantation. In this procedure, grafts that are extracted from the patient’s head are transplanted to the beard region.

After the application of the local anesthetics, the hair from the patient’s head are extracted with motorized FUE method. Then channels should be opened at the beard and moustache area with sapphire blades. The channel opening part is the most important section of these type of operations. Because the angles of the new channels are extremely important. If the angles are not in accordance with the existing beard and moustache, there might be an aesthetically problematic appearance.

The last part of beard transplant is the implantation part. It is possible to implant the grafts from head to beard area via regular forceps or Easy DHI method. The most important aspect of implantation part is the dissection of the hair grafts. The implanted grafts should be single instead of double or triple ones. Because our beards and moustaches mostly consist of single hair grafts.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplant is an also a type of body hair transplant. Like beard transplant, the hair grafts that are extracted from patient’s head. Then they are implanted into the eyebrow region. Eyebrow transplants have three main parts. The first part is the extraction of the grafts from patient’s head. The second part is the channel opening with very thin sapphire blades. The sapphire blades for eyebrow transplants are very special and thinner than usual. As in the beard transplant operations, the angles of the channels have vital importance in eyebrow transplants. Since, if the angles are different than the existing eyebrow, the outlook will be unaesthetic. The third and final phase of eyebrow transplantation is the implantation part. At this point, the grafts extracted from the head should be dissected into single grafts and should be slenderized before the implantation. Otherwise, a natural look cannot be attained.

Body to Head Hair Transplants

Body to hair transplants are only considered for the cases that the patient’s donor hair is not enough to cover the bald area. In cases like this, these hair grafts are used to compliment the regular hair grafts. These body hairs can only be used in the vertex (crown) area not in the front side. Because of some aesthetic concerns. In a way, a total body hair transplant is not possible.

The beard hair grafts are the most compatible grafts to our regular hair. Their growth speed and height are very similar to our hair. Furthermore, their thickness is similar. However, their use is limited because they are extracted from our faces and there are limited number of beard grafts. The beard grafts can only be used in the vertex (crown) area, because they might create an unaesthetic and unnatural look at the front hair line. The front hair line should be formed by single hair grafts. On the other hand, because of the similarity between beard and hair grafts, the beard grafts can be used in the vertex (crown area) alone and it does not require to be used alongside with hair grafts. In this sense, the beard grafts can be alternatives for the vertex (crown) area in a case of insufficient donor hair.

Chest hair is also a usable body hair for a transplant however they cannot be used alone. There are several reasons for that situation. First of all, Chest hair’s growth speed is lot slower than regular hair and it splits more frequently. Second, chest hair is thinner and shorter than regular hair grafts in general. In this sense, chest hair grafts’ similarity to regular hair grafts are not as great as beard grafts. However, they are compatible enough to use. In this case, chest hair can only be used in the vertex (crown) area and they must be transplanted alongside with regular hair grafts. If chest hair grafts are used in this specific way, they can form a natural outlook with regular hair grafts and create real alternative for the people who lacks donor hair.