Hair Loss Treatments

Drt Hair have always been known for offering the latest and best treatments to their patients. Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu personally examines all the new treatments and developments and if these treatments have excellent medical results and International accreditations, only then a treatment can be applied at Drt Hair.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

PRP treatment condenses the body’s growth factors in the patient’s blood, and this enriched blend is injected into the scalp. In this way, PRP transforms the hair follicles that are weak and inclined to fall into healthy, bright and thick ones. This growth factor injection known to be accelerating the cell and hair regeneration naturally. PRP is an autologous treatment which uses mainly the patient’s own blood cells. PRP can be used during a hair transplant operation.

GCell- Autologous Tissue Suspension-MicroGraft

Gcell Autologous Tissue Suspension Micrograft treatment makes the weak hair follicles stronger and healthier. The necessary steam cells for this treatment are supplied from patient’s own hair and skin cells. These cells help the weak hair follicles to grow stronger and renew themselves. This treatment is applied as a single session. This treatment starts with a small amount of local anesthesia injections. A few healthy hair follicles are extracted from the area behind patient’s ear. These healthy follicles are separated and processed in a special device. This special blend is injected into the areas that have excessive hair loss. Gcell takes around 30 minute and its effects last around a year. Gcell Autologous Tissue Suspension-micrograft has international accreditations and it is a very successful treatment for hair, skin and orthopedic issues.