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Dr. Tayfun OguzogluFUE Research Committee & ISHRS Member

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is pioneer MD for Hair transplant procedures in Turkey.  He is the one of the first doctor who established his own clinic and applied FUT Technique in 1996-1997.

After a year in 1998, he practiced in and became a member of International  Society5 of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) .

He was also a renowned pioneer of FUE method in Turkey. He leaded to improvement of manual FUEprocedures to Motorized Extraction Device Method and he applied advanced mega and giga sessions. He was organized first FUE workshop in Istanbul with Dr.Alex Ginzburg ,Dr. Bessam and Nilofer Farjo in 2004.

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu is now an advanced hair restoration trainer and has trained many doctors and nurses from different nationalities. He is interested in and keeps abreast of international conferences and meetings of hair surgery.

DrT has good experiences Manuel and Motorized FUE technic, his clinic based big and luxury hospital and his clinic has approved with JCI certificated that means all medical facility have been standart of USA.


  • What is FUE Hair Transplant Method

    When you look for for the best hair clinics for hair transplant, you might wonder what is fue hair transplant method because many of them recommend this. Hair loss has been one of the most prevalent problems for both men and women. Finding the best solution for hair loss or pattern balding has become the top priority for some people. The most popular techniques involved in the hair transplant procedure are the FUE and FUT. But FUE is more often available. So, what is fue hair transplant method and how do the surgeons do it?

    Those who want to know what is fue hair transplant method and its perks, you will need to know its abbreviation first. FUE is the abbreviation of Follicular Unit Extraction. It is also known as the follicular transfer. To get deeper to what is fue hair transplant method, you will also need to know the process of it. The FUE refers to the procedure of harvesting the individual follicular units. The surgeons will extract the hair from the donor’s area of the patient. The donor site is usually at the back or sides of the scalp, depending on the most prospective part. During the process, the patients will receive a local anesthetic to numb the affected areas of the procedure.

    The question about what is fue hair transplant method merely is answered by the explanation above. The FUE technique has been the most popular one that is used by many surgeons in the top hair clinics. The FUE process can take between an hour to ten hours, or more depending on the needs and cases of the patients. The good thing here is that you won’t be completely blind about the FUE process. When you do the consultation with the top hair clinic, Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, you will know what fue hair transplant method by the simple explanation conducted by your doctor is. Your doctor will also give you broader alternatives and options to explore before proceeding to the hair transplant procedure. In many cases, the FUE is more prevalent for younger patients, although some older patients are also eligible to undergo.

    14 February 2019
  • Small Hair Transplant Cost

    If you are like many other patients, you might wonder how much the small hair transplant cost is. Let’s agree that the hair transplant can help bring back the fuller head of hair. However, sometimes, there’s just small that need to be fixed. That means you don’t have to undergo the big hair transplant surgery and waste your time for it. The professionals would recommend the adequate portion of the transplantation. They will be transparent and recommend the best possible method that can fix your hair loss problem. The small hair transplant cost is also the excellent information that you can consult with your doctor before proceed to undergo a hair transplant.

    The small hair transplant cost usually involves less amount of grafts involved in the procedure. As we know, most hair clinics would charge based on the number of grafts involved in the hair transplant procedure. The surgeon team will use 500 to 2,000 tiny grafts in a process depending on the case of the patient. So, you could spend around $500 to $1500 for small transplants. The number and type of the graft will depend on few factors like the hair type, quality, color, and the size area of the operation. If you have a smaller area to transplant, then the small hair transplant cost is possible. Not to mention you can also save much money in the process.

    In the Drt Hair Clinic, for instance, most likely you will get the FUE procedure. The surgeon’s team will do the estimation of the small hair transplant cost and will be honest with you whether the small amount is possible or not. The good thing about the small hair transplant cost is that you can be sure that the small number of grafts will be involved in the procedure wherein it does not take a long time to finish. Depending on the size of the hair transplant you are undergoing, the entire hair transplant procedure could take around 3 to 10 hours. So, when it comes to small hair transplant, you can expect the process takes about 3 hours or so.

    13 February 2019
  • How Does Bosley Hair Transplant Work

    If you want to know how does bosley hair transplant work before undergoing the procedure, you have come to the right place since we are going to discuss it briefly. Many men and women around the world have been struggling to overcome their hair loss. Frequently, patients will want to try the non-surgical hair treatments to fix their hair loss. However, there is no better permanent solution to hair loss than surgical hair transplantation. To achieve lasting and effective results, many have recommended how does bosley hair transplant work as the top choice.

    For those who want to know how does bosley hair transplant work in advance, it is essential to understand that the successful surgery will be possible if there is the involvement of the skillful and experienced physicians to carry the operation. Not to mention that the hair clinic that provides the services should have a supportive place and state-of-the-art technology. These aspects are fundamental to help them to achieve the natural and permanent results. When you have a consultation with your doctor, you will learn how does bosley hair transplant work from the beginning to the end. Your doctor will also explain you in details.

    The patients will receive the information how does bosley hair transplant work along with its pros and cons. With these accurate data, you will know what to take, what to expect, and what you need to prepare to undergo such a procedure. The consultant will read your hair report and assess to conclude whether you are the right candidate for the procedure or not. The overview will explain to you how does bosley hair transplant work so that you can also consider whether or not you want to proceed with the option. The hair transplant is not for all patients. The applicant should have enough donor to harvest. Because without it, the surgery won’t be likely to succeed. The donor areas will be assessed by the surgeon long before the contract is signed. Meanwhile, your doctor will also help you explore the available options before focusing on the surgery.

    12 February 2019
  • FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

    Chances are you have been reading a lot of fue hair transplant turkey reviews to find the best hair clinic for conducting the hair transplant for you. When it comes to the hair transplant, you can’t go wrong to visit Turkey for this purpose. Turkey has been the leading country of hair transplant, so it is sensible to consider focusing your search on the fue hair transplant turkey reviews because it will boost your chance to get the successful procedure.

    In around the world, it is fair to see the fue hair transplant turkey reviews to choose the right hair clinic to undergo the hair transplant. The hair transplant procedures in Turkey have been bringing the numerous satisfied patients who benefit from the safe and permanent results of the modern systems. Turkey is no. 1 country visited by Middle East countries and around the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will see a lot of positive fue hair transplant turkey reviews that are coming from thousands of satisfied clients.

    When it comes to the fue hair transplant turkey reviews, your chances will be higher if you choose the right physician and hair clinic with the best hair transplant solution. The great thing about hair transplant clinics in Turkey is that most of them perform the hair transplant procedures with the same standards of clinics in the US, UK, or other big countries. However, that is not the end of the fabulous fue hair transplant turkey reviews that you can consider. The high-profile hair transplants procedure comes with much lower prices compared to the methods handled in the US soil.

    11 February 2019


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